How to choose a high-quality FR-4 fiberglass board?

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FR-4 glass fiberboard is a widely used insulating material. With the continuous maturity of technology and the continuous expansion of application scope, there are more manufacturers of fr4. How to choose high-quality fr4 sheet has become a difficult problem. Here we introduce several common methods. 

high-quality FR-4 fiberglass board

Eye observation method

This is the simplest and most direct method. Here, it mainly depends on whether its workmanship is meticulous and whether the color has different shades. This is the most basic requirement for materials, if this technology is not enough, everything else will only be worse.

Brand effect method

See if the company has a certain reputation. The company's growth history and real cases are the best guarantees. The company selected in this way is more reliable and has more guaranteed after-sales service, but the price will also be high. If there are no old customers who return orders, then its quality needs to be questioned. Except for new companies of course, but this can require sample testing. 

Hand touch method

You can touch it with your hand to see if it feels smooth and comfortable. Bad boards are rough to the touch.

Measurement method

One of the hardest criteria for judging the quality of the plate is whether the thickness tolerance is accurate. You can measure according to the specifications, instructions, and dimensions to see if the tolerance range is controlled within 0.05mm.

Cutting method

You can cut the board with a knife to see if a lot of powder will fall off, and then check whether the color of the board inside it is the same and whether there is some leftover material mixed in. 

Burning method

burn on the fire to see if there is a lot of smoke and a pungent smell, then leave the flame to see if it will go out on its own. High-quality FR-4 epoxy board is non-toxic, odorless, and has the characteristics of self-rest. 

Inspection method

You need to check the relevant certificate of the manufacturer to see if it complies with the relevant regulations of the country. In addition, you can look at the manufacturer's product manual to see if the paper and font writing are standardized and if there is anything wrong. Regular manufacturers have strict work procedures and will not make low-level mistakes. 

The above is a simple method of how to select high-quality FR-4 fiberglass boards, which has certain limitations. If you have more questions, you can consult online, welcome to contact us.

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