• Phenolic paperboard/Bakelite board

    2021-07-16  |  By: ZTELEC  |  9994click

    Phenolic bakelite hylam sheet laminate board is board-like laminated products made of insulating impregnated paper and phenolic resin with strong mechanical and dielectric performances. Ztelec Group can provide you quality products with best price....

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  • Super discount! Bakelite sheet from ZTelec Group

    2020-11-03  |  By: ZTELEC  |  149click


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  • Phenolic board supplier Philippines

    2020-10-28  |  By: ZTELEC  |  150click

    Our Philippines customers had been impressed by our industry-led automated production line, and were more confident in the quality of ZTelec Group’s phenolic board products. ...

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  • Bakelite sheet suppliers in Zimbabwe

    2020-10-27  |  By: ZTELEC  |  51click

    The Zimbabwe customers paid a special visit to the bakelite sheet production plant of ZTelec Group, and comprehensively investigated the production process and technology of insulation materials of our company. ...

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  • Bakelite sheet for sale in Thailand

    2020-10-26  |  By: ZTELEC  |  190click

    The Thailand customers saw the strength of the company at all levels, expressed confidence in the operation of ZTelec Group. They also expressed recognition and approval to our business team and business philosophy , looking forward to coope...

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  • Bakelite sheet suppliers in Bangladesh

    2020-10-15  |  By: ZTELEC  |  138click

    The Bangladesh guests visited the bakelite sheet sample exhibition hall, research and development center, production workshop. The customers appreciated the company's scale, product quality and research and development technology....

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