What, you don't know that g10 can be used as a print surface?

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G10 is a glass fiber and resin rolled composite material, which is characterized by insulation, corrosion resistance and wear resistance. It is often used as an insulating material in electric appliances, and has also been used to make knife handles in recent years. This article mainly talks about a new use of it in the past two years-print surface.


G10 high temperature resistance

G10 can be used as a print surface thanks to its high temperature resistance, within a certain temperature range, it will not expand or contract with temperature changes, which makes it very suitable as a heated printing surface.

PETG excels when printing with G10

When petg is printed on the surface of g10, there will be no loose phenomenon, and it will not take chunks of glass away after printing, so the printed items have good appearance.

Compared with common glass print surface

 Pros: Inexpensive, good looking surface, light weight, colorful, flexible, easy to eject parts after cooling

 Disadvantages: It needs to be fixed with clips when printing. Long-term use will cause certain losses, and the surface will be scratched and damaged. If the selected g10 is too thin, the board will be deformed.

Choose a good g10 supplier

As a printing surface, g10 needs to be smooth and flat enough, which requires the purchase of high-quality g10sheet. Choosing a good supplier can save a lot of trouble.

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VIDEO: G10 - The best print surface you've never heard of


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