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With the perfect quality for more than 60 years, ZTelec Group has been a professional manufacturer of electronic and electrical insulation materials in China, serving every customer with integrity.

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About FRP

FRP is an acronym for fiber reinforced plastics, which is made of reinforcing fiber and resins. As the new material industry continuously grows, the scope of reinforcing materials is also being expanded, including glass fiber, carbon fiber, and aramid fiber etc.

Excellent Mechanical Properties

Low deformation and stable physical properties ensure that it can be used as a supporting core

Good dielectric properties

It does not conduct electricity and is often used in electrical industry as insulating material

Weather Resistance

It is resistant to the influence of environmental factors such as corrosion, humidity, acid

About Us

HENAN ZHONGTIAN ELECTRICAL EQUIPMENT GROUP (ZTELEC GROUP) was founded in 1958, and it is a national enterprise offering electric insulation systems and components for national motor and power companies, military and aviation enterprises.

With nearly 60 years production and R&D experience, ZTELEC company has developed to ZHONGTIAN GROUP now, which mainly provides insulation materials, special materials, power transmission and transformation whole set, transformers, enameled copper wire and other high-end products.

FRP Production Process

The fiberglass winding tube is manufactured by wet winding process, i.e., first the fiberglass yarn with wet resin is wound around the roller, rotated, and cured, then released from the roller, and finally trimmed.


Preparation of resins

Add semi-finished resins, solvents, diluents, and fillers according to the formulation, and mix them in line with the process requirements.


Wet winding

The fiberglass roving is impregnated with resin adhesive and wound on the rotating roller under certain tension and cured into products.


Release from the roller

The cured products will be released from the roller machine.


Tube grinding

The tubes are cut and ground by the machines.

FRP Application

Various GFRP pipes for urban water supply and drainage, large water diversion projects, sewage treatment, agricultural irrigation, and pipeline projects, etc.

All Factory Application
Since 1958

As the saying goes practice makes perfect. With our years of experience you can bet on us to get the job done exactly.

Factory direct sales

We send goods directly from our factory without middlemen to earn the profits.

Customized Service

We can offer processed products according to the drawings you provide.

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ZTelec Group is a professional manufacturer engaged in electrical insulation materials for 62 years.

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