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FR4 flame retardant epoxy fiberglass board is also called epoxy fiberglass cloth laminated board. It is plate-like laminated products formed by electronic grade fiberglass cloth impregnated with epoxy resin by drying and hot pressing. The main color is aqua, black and yellow. FR4 flame retardant epoxy resin fiberglass laminate sheet material has high temperature resistance, high mechanical property and dielectric property, good heat and moisture resistance, as well as strong mechanical processing property.

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FR4 epoxy board is actually a laminate sheet. There are many types of epoxy sheets, do you know how to distinguish them?

Epoxy board is a laminated board, mainly made of epoxy resin adhesive and paper, cotton, cloth and other substrates. There are many types of epoxy boards, including 3240 epoxy boards, FR4 boards, G11 epoxy boards and G10 laminates. Their performance is similar, but the details are different. See below:

A. Basic parameters difference:

Product name Origin of the name Material composition Colour Temperature resistance Flame retardant
FR4 FR-4 is a code name for the grade of flame resistant material, which means that the resin material must be able to extinguish itself after combustion Electronic grade fiberglass cloth (7628) + epoxy resin White (natural), aqua green, black, yellow 130℃ UL94-V0
G10 SHEET "G" stands for glass fiber and "10" stands for 10% of the glass fiber Aqua, green 155℃ HB
G11 SHEET Yellow 180℃ HB
3240 EPOXY SHEET / Electronic grade fiberglass cloth (7628) + epoxy resin Yellow 130℃ HB

B. Product property difference:

Chinese name 3240
NEMA / FR4 G10 FR5 G11 /
Products Property
EPGC201 Higher mechanical and electrical properties, better heat resistance, moisture resistance products.
EPGC202 Performance similar to EPGC201, flame retardation increased to UL F-V0 level.
EPGC203 Pormance similar to EPGC201, improved heat resistance, high mechanical strength at high temperature, excellent electrical and anti-static properties.
EPGC204 Performance is similar to EPGC203, and the flame retardancy is improved to UL F-V0.
EPGC306 Performance similar to EPGC203, improved the resistance to electric trace.
EPGC308 Performance similar to EPGC203, improved heat resistance, mechanical stability at high temperature.

Industry Application

Transformer/Motor/Lithium battery of electric cars/Epoxy lapping carrier
Printed circuit boards/Insulators for electromechanical equipment/ Fixtures/High-strength composite parts

FR4 epoxy board used in transformer

FR4 used as motor insulation parts

FR4 used in lithium battery

FR4 used as epoxy lapping carrier

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