g11 material properties and Electrical Properties

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g11 Material Details

Grade: G11. (Type: Glass Based Laminates)

Description: Epoxy Glass. Superior Epoxy Glass Laminate.

Comments: A high strength Class F rigid insulation with many uses ranging from slot wedges in small motors to major components in turbo-alternators and electronic applications. G10 has excellent moisture resistance and heat resistance, high mechianical strength at room temperature, still strong mechanical property at high temperature of 155℃, and excellent electrical properties in dry and wet state.

Electrical Properties

Property Unit of measure Typical Value

Electrical Strength ⊥ kV/mm, thickness<3mm ≥15

Electrical Strength ∥ kV ≥50

Tracking Resistance PTI ≥200

Mechanical Properties

Property Unit of measure Typical Value

Benging Strength MPa ≥450

Tensile Strength MPa ≥350

Compressive Strength ⊥ MPa ≥450

Modulus Of Elastricity MPa ≥24000

Impact Strength ∥ kJ/m2 ≥33

Thermal Properties

Property Unit of measure Typical Value

Thermal Charactersitices ℃ 155


Typical Applications

lSlot Wedges

lTerminal Boards and Tag Strips

lHigh-Voltage Switches

lPlanetary Gears

lMachine parts

lBolt Insulation

lFPC Reinforcing Sheets

lElectronic Insulation Fields

lTransformer baffles

lElectromechanical Components

lWiring Boards

lPower Distribution Cabinets

General Properties



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