What is phenolic cotton laminate and what are its advantages

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Phenolic cotton laminate
Electrical sheet textolite or phenolic cotton laminate is a laminated material made of cotton impregnated with a thermosetting phenolic-based adhesive and hot pressed. The surface of this plastic laminate should be smooth and absolutely free of bubbles, ripples and cracks. In addition, other defects such as scratches, creases, stains or uneven coloring should be avoided. However, a small amount of staining is allowed.
Phenolic epoxy cotton laminates are widely used in the manufacture of parts (bushings, cams, etc.) that are subject to reverse electrical and mechanical stress or operate under friction.
Phenolic cotton sheets are used as insulation material and operate in transformer oil and in air, at the normal relative humidity of the environment and at a frequency of 50 Hz.
Permissible long-term operating temperature: -65°C to +105°С.
Product strength
1. Excellent mechanical strength, oil resistance and dielectric properties
2. Excellent inertness to various solvents and acidic chemicals
Advantages of phenolic cotton sheets:
Very good mechanical and thermal properties,
Continuous operating temperature up to 120°C,
Approved for use in oil and air,
Low coefficient of friction,
High creep resistance,
vibration absorption properties,
Easy to machine,
Electrical insulation properties
Types of phenolic epoxy cotton cloth/textolite sheet

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