Phase-shifting rectifier transformers

Phase-shifting rectifier transformers
Phase-shifting rectifier transformers
Phase-shifting rectifier transformers
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The description of phase-shifting rectifier transformers

Phase-shifting rectifier transformers are power transformers for multi-pulse rectification equipment. They are widely used in high-voltage inverters and high-power rectification systems. Because phase shifting transformers are used to implement multiple technologies, harmonic pollution can be greatly suppressed. The 6-phase rectification (two three phases on the AC side with a phase angle of 30 degrees) is 12 pulses, the DC ripple coefficient is greatly reduced, and the AC side harmonics are also greatly reduced. Phase-shifting rectifier transformers can achieve different phase differences (phase-shifting) between the primary and secondary voltages by extending the delta phase-shifting connection group to reduce harmonics. In this way, 12-pulse, 18-pulse, 24-pulse, 30-pulse, 36-pulse, 48-pulse, 54-pulse and other rectified output can be realized.

The features of phase-shifting rectifier transformers

2.1 Stable electrical performance: Optimize the design scheme in combination with industry application characteristics. Precise electrical parameter design and scientific structural design ensure that the electrical performance of the product is excellent and meet the precise requirements of the phase-shifting angle and voltage amplitude of the phase-shifting transformer of the multi-pulse rectification system.

2.2 High degree of dynamic stability: The high-voltage winding of the phase-shifting rectifier transformers adopts a continuous structure and a low-voltage multi-stage continuous structure. It has high mechanical strength and strong anti-burst ability to meet the extremely harsh load environment. In the design and manufacturing process, the eddy current loss caused by the high-frequency magnetic leakage of the transformer is better solved.

2.3 Good thermal stability: Advanced simulation calculations to optimize the temperature rise of the hot parts and hotspots of the product, leaving sufficient temperature rise margin. Selecting imported DuPont Nomex-T410 insulation material to ensure high reliability of product insulation and temperature . The 30DQ120 cold-rolled oriented silicon steel sheet is used to effectively reduce the no-load loss, no-load current and noise on the premise of meeting cost optimization, and is equipped with a transformer-specific cross-flow fan to achieve the best cooling effect.

2.4 Strong overload capacity: The phase-shifting rectifier transformers has strong overload capacity and over-voltage capability, which can be safely operated for a long time under the rated load, and can be safely operated at full load for a long time under the condition of 110% overvoltage (environment temperature 40 ℃); The manufacturing fully considers the load characteristics, and can meet the overload requirements from various aspects such as temperature rise, insulation performance and accessories selection.

2.5 Superior performance index: 30DQ120 high-permeability cold-oriented silicon steel sheet is used for iron core, and multi-step oblique seam design is adopted. The no-load current design and the manufacturing value of the loss index are lower than the national standard phase-shifting rectifier transformers with the same capacity, fully considering the economics and reliability of the user.

2.6 The phase-shifting rectifier transformers design is safe and reliable. It uses a transformer-specific cross-flow fan to meet the heat dissipation requirements. Large-capacity and high-current products use a choke plate structure to ensure product reliability and improve anti-overload capacity.

2.7 Phase-shifting rectifier transformers ventilation duct adopts the combination of axial air duct and amplitude air duct. The duct design is reasonable to reduce ventilation resistance and ensure efficient ventilation and heat dissipation.

2.8 The continuous winding is adopted, and the external turns are even and beautiful. The transformer can be treated with "three-proof paint" (anti-salt fog, anti-humidity, anti-mold) according to customer requirements. Good color properties, good leveling and covering power, simplified structure and beautiful appearance.

2.9 Rectifier transformer is equipped with temperature protection device, which is composed of highly integrated, highly reliable switching power supply module with bus communication and other components. It is an economical protection for integration of measurement, control, protection and communication.

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