380V three phase transformer

380V three phase transformer
380V three phase transformer
380V three phase transformer
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380V three phase transformer are the main components of various power supplies and electrical equipment. Isolation transformers are composed of cylindrical windings and laminated iron cores. The iron cores are laminated with new high-quality high-silicon-silicon steel plates with full diagonal joints. The company adopts advanced manufacturing technology, imported Spanish winding machine and a full set of vacuum pressure dipping equipment windings. 380V three phase transformer is vacuum dipping varnished using the whole winding method to make the insulation level of the transformer reach F or H level. The output and input voltage of the transformer can be designed according to customer requirements. There are various specifications such as single-phase, three-phase or multiple inputs and outputs.

The materials of 380V three phase transformer

① iron core

Using new high-quality high-silicon silicon steel sheet, the main material is 0.35 thick H18, H14, H12, Z11 high-quality silicon steel sheet. We choose the most suitable material according to the requirements of the guest room and the use conditions, so as to achieve the best transformer performance design. (Conventional materials are new high-quality silicon steel sheets).

② The wire of 380V three phase transformer

PEW, UEW, EIW, SEIW, FEAI enameled wire and glass wire are used. The temperature resistance grades are F (155 ° C), H (180 ° C), HC (200 ° C), and C (220 ° C). (Conventional temperature resistance class is H class 180 ℃).

③ Insulation material of 380V three phase transformer

High temperature resistant insulation paper is used as the insulation material, which has multiple properties of high temperature insulation, flame retardant and moisture resistance.

④Terminal block of 380V three phase transformer

Low power uses terminal block, beautiful appearance, excellent pressure resistance, temperature resistance, flame retardant performance. High power uses high-quality copper bars.

⑤Iron feet of 380V three phase transformer

The CNC cold-rolled sheet is mainly used. There are environmental protection plating options such as multicolored (golden), blue zinc (silver white), white zinc (ivory white) and surface anodized (black).

The features of 380V three phase transformer

The establishment of a new neutral-ground in the transformer can relieve the common-mode interference and other neutrals in the power grid. The isolation transformer converts the three-wire delta connection to a four-wire Yo system and the shielding further eliminates high-frequency pulse interference and noise, although shielded isolation transformers can effectively prevent various NG interference (pulse and high-frequency noise), but 380V three phase transformer must be properly and properly grounded, which is very strict, otherwise anti-common mode interference will have no effect. The company can design and produce high-quality isolation transformers for customers.

Highly isolated

N-G performance is good

High common mode interference suppression

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Voltage tap is easy to switch

Designed according to user's special performance requirements

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