SCB10-630KVA dry-type transformer

SCB10-630KVA dry-type transformer
SCB10-630KVA dry-type transformer
SCB10-630KVA dry-type transformer
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The description of SCB10-630KVA dry-type transformer

The SCB10-630KVA dry-type transformer is an insulation system based on Nomex paper. It maintains extremely good electrical and mechanical properties throughout the transformer's lifetime. Nomex is not easy to aging, shrinkage and compression resistance, coupled with extra strong elasticity, so SCB10-630KVA dry-type transformer can ensure that the transformer remains tightly structured and can withstand the short circuit pressure even after several years of use. High standard of safety, no flammable resin, no toxic gas, no combustion, reduced volume and weight per KVA, increased capacity for emergency overload which easy repair and maintenance, low noise, insensitive to humidity, dust, pollution. There is no possibility of partial discharge during operation. The design of SCB10-630KVA dry-type transformer is flexible and can be designed and manufactured according to customer requirements.

The features of SCB10-630KVA dry-type transformer

1. The high-voltage winding of SCB10-630KVA dry-type transformer is made of enameled copper wire, and the low-voltage winding is made of copper foil. The high-voltage windings are filled with glass fiber felt and cast with imported epoxy resin without filler under vacuum. After curing, they form a solid whole with high mechanical strength, no partial discharge and high reliability.

2. SCB10-630KVA dry-type transformer is explosion-proof, non-polluting environment, environmental protection that can be installed in the load center.

3. The coil of SCB10-630KVA dry-type transformer does not absorb moisture and the iron core, clamps can be operated in a 100% relative humidity and other harsh environments after special processing. There is no need to deal with moisture during intermittent operation.

4. SCB10-630KVA dry-type transformer is equipped with short circuit resistance, high lightning impact level and large overload capacity.

5. The resin insulation layer of SCB10-630KVA dry-type transformer inside and outside the coil is thin and the heat dissipation performance is good. The cooling method generally uses natural air cooling (AN). An air cooling system (AF) can be configured for transformers of any protection level.

6. SCB10-630KVA dry-type transformer is low loss, good power saving effect, economical operation and maintenance-free.

7. SCB10-630KVA dry-type transformer also equipped with small size, light weight, small floor space and easy installation.

8. As a new generation of dry-type transformers, SCB10-630KVA dry-type transformer are suitable for power supply in the following places: high-rise buildings, commercial centers, drama defense, hospitals, industrial and mining enterprises, offshore oil drilling platforms, ships, subways, stations , airports, power plants, residential quarters and high-rise buildings, etc.

The applicable environment of SCB10-630KVA dry-type transformer

The altitude does not exceed 1000m.

Temperature + 40 ℃

Daily average temperature + 30 ℃

Annual average temperature + 20 ℃

Temperature-30 ℃ (Applicable to outdoor transformer)

Air temperature -5 ℃ (applicable to indoor transformer)

The waveform of the power supply voltage resembles a sine wave.

The power supply voltage connected to the multi-phase transformer should be approximately symmetrical.

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