S11 oil power transformer

Power Transformers,S11
Power Transformers,S11
Power Transformers,S11
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S11 oil power transformer description
The S11 oil power transformer coil is wound with high-quality oxygen-free copper wire. The heat dissipation adopts a new oil channel structure. The design is reasonable, and the insulation process is optimized to improve the mechanical strength and short-circuit resistance. The core is made of high-quality cold-rolled silicon steel sheet with stepped three-level seams. The surface is coated with cured paint which reduces the loss and noise with beautiful appearance and reliable operation.

The advantages of S11 oil power transformers
The fully sealed power transformer eliminates the oil storage tank and uses the fins of the corrugated oil tank body as heat dissipation and cooling elements. At the same time, it expands and contracts with the increase and decrease of the transformer oil which isolates the inside of the transformer from the atmosphere and prevents the deterioration of the oil and the insulation from moisture and aging to enhance the reliability of operation.
The core uses high-quality cold-rolled silicon steel sheet which effectively improves the distribution of magnetic flux density inside the core, reduces noise and reduces losses. The coil is made of high-strength enameled wire with a cylindrical structure. The ampere-turn distribution is even, the insulation structure is reasonable, and it has strong short-circuit resistance.
The fasteners used in the fuel tank are all non-return nuts which can ensure that they will not be loosened during long-distance transportation. The surface of the fuel tank is coated with three anti-paints after phosphating treatment. It is widely used in places where the use of metallurgy, ore, petrochemical and other harsh environments.

The features of S11oil power transformers
The cores of series power transformers are made of silicon steel sheet and rolled without seams and non-gradations, which are close to pure circular cross sections. The iron yoke and the iron core are connected with rounded corners, and the iron core is closed.
High and low voltage coils are directly wound on the iron core. The two coils have good concentricity and good short circuit resistance.
Due to the special iron core structure, it is also annealed by rolling crystalline oriented high-quality cold-rolled silicon steel sheets which makes the S11 oil power transformer reduce the no-load loss by 30% and the no-load current by 70% compared with the S9 type The noise dropped about 8 decibels.
Cancel the oil storage tank of the power transformer. A corrugated plate oil tank is used. The oil volume change caused by temperature is adjusted by the elasticity of the corrugated sheet to isolate the transformer oil from the air and prolong its use.
The power transformer adopts a corrugated oil tank with a small temperature rise area and beautiful appearance.
The core processing is all mechanized which reduces labor intensity and improves product quality and quality.

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