S13-315KV oil immersed transformer

S13-315KV oil immersed transformer
S13-315KV oil immersed transformer
S13-315KV oil immersed transformer
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S13-315KV oil immersed transformer has the characteristics of low no-load loss, low no-load current, low noise, and significant power saving effect. It improves the voltage quality and the reliability of power supply. It is an environmentally-friendly green energy-saving product and the latest product used in urban and rural power grid technology transformation and engineering promotion.

S13-315KV oil immersed transformer fully-sealed three-phase wound core transformers are different from traditional planar laminated core transformers. The iron core is composed of a three-phase cylindrical yoke with a three-dimensional triangular arrangement of a single frame piece. Each cylinder is continuously rolled by high-quality cold-rolled silicon steel strip, and the bandwidth is cut by straight or curved lines by a CNC opener. The strip is wound on a core winding machine to form a nearly circular or folded circular arc frame, and then subjected to vacuum nitrogen annealing treatment to eliminate processing stress, lattice reorientation, improve magnetic permeability, and improve electromagnetic performance; special for high and low voltage coils The winding machine is directly wound on the iron core paper tube. The overall structure is solid and compact. The body of S13-315KV oil immersed transformer adopts upper and lower iron yoke insulation and laminated wood. The screw is tightened around the coil to make it stable and reliable. impact.

S13-315KV oil immersed transformer features:

Low loss

According to the S13-315KV oil-immersed transformer technical parameters and requirements capacity of 30-1600kVA, the S13-315KV oil-immersed transformer reduces the average no-load loss by 50% and the average load loss by 30%.

Low no-load current

Due to the excellent material and winding processing characteristics of the coil core, the no-load current is significantly reduced. According to the current national standard GB / T6451-2008 and , S13-315KV oil-immersed transformer no-load current has decreased by 75% on average.

Low running noise

According to JB / T10088-2008 noise standard, the noise of S13-315KV oil-immersed transformer is reduced by about 7-9dB.

Strong short-circuit resistance

S13-315KV oil-immersed transformer body is formed into a triangular prism shape, with pull screws around and in the center. It is integrated with the upper and lower iron yoke insulation and laminated wood blocks which can effectively resist the axial and radial directions during a sudden short circuit.

Structural characteristics of S13-315KV oil immersed transformer

Iron core

The material performance of S13-315KV oil immersed transformer is not less than 30ZH110 cold-rolled silicon steel sheet. The three-phase three-column three-dimensional symmetrical structure has the most balanced three-phase magnetic circuit; each group (coil) core sheet is wound by a thin steel strip on a dedicated core winding machine with uniform pressure compact. The iron core frame is vacuum annealed to eliminate stress and improve electromagnetic performance and the surface of the iron core is coated with epoxy paint to prevent moisture and solidify.


Adopt oxygen-free copper T2 copper foil and QQ-2 acetal enameled copper wire. low voltage coil is foil type, high voltage coil is multilayer cylinder type. Coil oil channel is corrugated structure, and interlayer insulation is double-sided dots adhesive tape. Low-pressure and high-pressure surfaces are wrapped with epoxy resin semi-adhesive glass fiber tape to increase mechanical strength.

S13-315KV oil immersed transformer body and lead

Insulation cardboard of S13-315KV oil immersed transformer is used to make the upper and lower iron yoke insulation. The laminated wood is used to make the balance pad insulation and laminated cardboard is used as the lead frame. All fasteners are lock nuts that are effectively locked.

Fuel tank

A fully sealed corrugated oil tank with a triangular structure is provided with corrugated fins on three sides to ensure heat dissipation and compensate for the expansion and contraction of the oil volume due to changes in oil temperature. An oil level gauge with a pressure relief valve is installed on the cover surface for easy refueling and observation. Oil level and safety protection against pressure release in case of sudden over-voltage in the S13-315KV oil immersed transformer.

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