The s11 oil-immersed power transformer

The s11 oil-immersed power transformer
The s11 oil-immersed power transformer
The s11 oil-immersed power transformer
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 The s11 oil-immersed power transformer uses the company's unique calculation program to optimize the transformer core, coil, body, lead, fuel tank and other components to ensure The S11 oil-immersed power transformer performance. Superior process equipment, careful material selection and efficient production make the s11 oil-immersed power transformer with low loss, low partial discharge, low noise and other characteristics, superior product quality, energy saving and environmental protection, reliable operation and effectively reduce product operating costs. This s11 oil-immersed power transformer is suitable for core structures such as power plants, substations, large industrial and mineralization enterprises.

The core material of s11 oil-immersed power transformer is made of high-quality high-permeability cold-rolled oriented silicon steel sheet. The core is processed by Jog wire shearing, full oblique step seam structure, non-hole lashing, and plate clamp structure. High- and low-voltage coil split-phase integral set, the design pressure is evenly compressed to ensure the axial strength of the coil. The inner coil is lined with a high-strength phenolic paper tube. The inner and outer struts are used for the high and low voltage coils. The bare wires inside s11 oil-immersed power transformer are all covered with insulation. Increase the lead support points to strengthen the strength of the lead bracket and housing. Lead connections are cold.

s11 oil-immersed power transformer tank adopts barrel type or bell cover type. Model "F" is a side-blow cooler. The sealing rubber adopts a "0" type overall structure to ensure that no leakage occurs.

All the gas collecting pipes on the top of the bell cover adopt the slope structure and lead to the gas relay. The fuel tank and the ribs are compression-molded. The pads for the jack pressing are 4 pieces, and they are marked with paint. The s11 oil-immersed power transformer is reasonably arranged and beautiful, and the inner wall of the fuel tank is painted with epoxy paint. The exterior paint uses high-quality silver paint.

The features of s11 oil-immersed power transformer

1. No oil storage tank, lower height than similar products.

2. The fully sealed transformer is exactly the same as the transformer with oil storage tank, so it can correspond to different design models of transformer series for users to choose.

3. When the transformer is sealed, the vacuum oiling process is used to completely remove the moisture in the s11 oil-immersed power transformer. After sealing, the transformer oil does not come into contact with the air which effectively prevents oxygen and moisture from penetrating into the transformer and causing the insulation performance to deteriorate (insulation materials and oil ageing), so it is not necessary to conduct oil sample tests on a regular basis.

4, s11 oil-immersed power transformer has high and low voltage leads, the body and other fastening parts are equipped with self-locking lock nuts, adopting a non-suspended core structure, the body and the fuel tank are closely matched, can withstand transportation vibration and bumps.

5. There are two types of oil tanks: corrugated oil tank and expansion radiator oil tank. Corrugated sheet and expansion radiator not only have cooling function, but also have "breathing" function. The elasticity of corrugated sheet and expansion radiator can compensate for temperature. Changes in oil volume due to changes.

6. Sealing form: It is divided into welding type and removable type.

Welded type-The box edge and cover are welded to death after passing all tests.

Removable-Sealing the box edge and cover with sealing tape and screw.

7. The tank cover is equipped with a rod-shaped oil gauge or rod-shaped oil plug above the oil level of the high-pressure casing.

8. The maintenance cost is only 20% of the general type, and no oil change is required during the normal life cycle, which improves the safety and reliability of power grid operation.
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