Colorful G10 fiberglass laminated sheet is board-like laminated products manufactured by electronic grade fiberglass cloth and heat-resistant epoxy resin. Its insulation class is F class.

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Description of G10 

Colorful G10 fiberglass laminated board is also called epoxy resin alkali-free fiberglass laminated board. It is made by electronic grade fiberglass cloth impregnated with heat-resistant epoxy resin under hot pressing with stable electrical insulation property, good flatness, smooth surface and standard thickness tolerance. Colorful G10 fiberglass laminated board produced by ZTelec Group has various colors and types and its insulation class is F class.
Colorful G10

Application of G10

It is suitable for products with high requirements on electronic insulation performance,for example, FPC reinforced board, high temperature resistant board for wave soldering,precision star wheel, PCB test stand, deflection coil terminal board, electronic switch insulation board, copper clad plate substrate, etc. It can also be used to make insulation partitions and pads for electrical equipment, insulation parts for transformer and motor, etc.


Advantages of G10 glass epoxy composite material

Strength and Durability: G10 material combines an epoxy resin binder with a glass epoxy composite, resulting in a robust and resilient material. Its high strength and durability make it suitable for demanding environments.
Chemical Resistance: The epoxy resin binder in G10 provides excellent resistance to chemicals, heat, and UV light. This makes G10 ideal for use in humid or moist conditions without degradation.
Electrical Properties: The glass epoxy composite contributes to G10’s exceptional electrical insulation. It consists of glass fibers and epoxy resin, creating a strong and rigid structure. Higher glass-to-epoxy ratios enhance mechanical strength and dielectric properties.
Versatility: G10 is widely used in industrial laminates, circuit boards, and even cryogenic equipment. Its combination of strength, chemical resistance, and electrical insulation makes it a versatile choice12.
Fire Safety: For additional fire safety, consider FR4, a variant of G10. It shares G10’s high strength and good electrical insulation properties while offering enhanced fire resistance.

Can G10 be used in high temperature environments

Certainly! G10, being a glass epoxy composite material, exhibits good performance in high-temperature environments. Here are some key points regarding its suitability:
Thermal Stability: G10 is designed to withstand elevated temperatures. Its glass fibers provide thermal stability, allowing it to maintain its structural integrity even when exposed to heat.
Temperature Range: The specific temperature range depends on the resin used in the composite. Generally, G10 can handle temperatures up to approximately 130°C (266°F) without significant degradation.
Derating: Keep in mind that as the temperature increases, the material’s mechanical properties may be affected. It’s essential to consider derating factors when using G10 in high-temperature applications.
Insulation Properties: G10 remains an excellent electrical insulator even at elevated temperatures. This makes it suitable for applications where electrical insulation is crucial.
If you want better higher temperature electrical insulation, you can use G11 or G7
Where to find G10, G11 and G7, you can contact us for inquiry

Property Parameter of G10

Executive Standard: GB-T 1303-2009 - IEC60893-2004

Number Item Unit Value
1 Density g/cm3 1.8-1.95
2 Water Absorption(Thickness:1-20mm) mg 17-73
3 Flexural Strength at Perpendicular Lamination MPa ≥340
(Under Normal)
4 Impact Strength at Parallel Lamination KJ/m2 ≥38
(Simple Supported Beam)
5 Dielectric Strength at Perpendicular Lamination(Transformer Oil at 90℃)(Thickness:1mm) KV/mm ≥14.2
6 Breakdown Voltage at Parallel Lamination KV ≥40
(Transformer Oil at 90℃)
7 Dielectric Constant(50Hz) - ≤5.5
8 Dielectric Loss Factor(50Hz) - ≤0.04
9 Insulation Resistance after Immersion Ω ≥5.0×1010
10 Thermal Index - 155


G10 Insulation Sheet Product Data Sheet

Material Details


G10. (Type: Glass Based Laminates)


Epoxy Glass. Superior Epoxy Glass Laminate.


A high strength Class B rigid insulation with many uses ranging from slot wedges in small motors to major components in turbo-alternators and electronic applications. G10 has excellent moisture resistance and heat resistance, good machining property at room temperature, and excellent electrical performance in dry and wet state.





IEC 60893-3:2003, EPGC 201.


Body Colour:

Yellow/Water Green/Black/Customized

Cover Colour:

Yellow/Water Green/Black/Customized

Standard Finish:



1020mm*1220mm/1220mm*2040mm/1220mm*2440mm, Thickness: 0.5-100.0mm


Typical Applications 

Slot Wedges

Terminal Boards and Tag Strips

High-Voltage Switches

Planetary Gears


Machine parts

Bolt Insulation

FPC Reinforcing Sheets

Electronic Insulation Fields


Transformer baffles

Electromechanical Components

Wiring Boards

Power Distribution Cabinets


General Properties 



Unit of measure

Typical Value




Water Absorption (5mm)



Flame Retardant





Electrical Properties





Unit of measure

Typical Value

Electrical Strength ⊥

kV/mm, thickness<3mm


Electrical Strength ∥



Tracking Resistance




Mechanical Properties



Unit of measure

Typical Value

Benging Strength



Tensile Strength



Compressive Strength ⊥



Modulus Of Elastricity



Impact Strength ∥




Thermal Properties



Unit of measure

Typical Value

Thermal Charactersitices




Disclaimer: The above values are based upon routine test data and do not form the basis of a supply contract. These

products may be used in a diverse range of applications and whilst every effort is made to ensure the information in this

data sheet is accurate, it must be stressed that it is the user's responsibility to ensure suitability for the intended end use.

Stroage: Wrapped with packaging film and packed in pallet; horizontally placeed in dry and clean room at room temperature; keep it away from moisture and fire. The storage period is 12 months.


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