• 1958The origin of the factory

    From northeast No.7 electrical engineering plant and No.4 electrical engineering plant directly under the central government, Xuchang, Henan Province was moved to establish "state-owned uchang insulating material director" and "state-owned Xuchang insulating material research institute"

  • 1962Successful R & D

    Xuchang insulating material factory has successfully developed B-class, F-class insulating impregnating paint and 1730 enamelled wire paint, becoming one of the three largest manufacturers of insulating paint in China.

  • 1967Reorganization

    It was reorganized into the state-owned Xuchang insulating material General Factory and became a national insulating material production base.

  • 1975Independent research and development

    Based on the introduction of glass cloth from the former Soviet Union, Xuchang insulating materials general factory has successfully researched and developed 2432 alkyd glass cloth, 2310 polyester paint thick, 2210 oily paint thick, 2450 silicone glass paint cloth, which has filled in the gap of domestic production and obtained the Ministry of machinery industry's superior products.

  • 1987Produce quality products

    The 380 high-strength bearing pipe arrangement produced by Xuchang insulating material general factory has obtained high-quality products in Henan Province, which has replaced the situation of import of cage for national low-noise bearing.

  • 1993Joint stock system reform

    We will begin to reform the joint-stock system.

  • 1995Independent research and development

    The company has independently developed 3240 epoxy glass cloth board, rod and tube. Won the Ministry of machinery products.

  • 2000General Plant bankruptcy

    The state-owned Xuchang insulating material factory declared bankruptcy. After reorganization, Henan xujue electrical insulating materials Co., Ltd. was established.

  • 2003Successful development of nano glass tube

    The nano glass tube with temperature resistance of more than 300 degrees has been successfully developed and widely used in laser welding gun head. Because of its high temperature resistance, low cost has replaced the ceramic products that have been used previously.

  • 2005Independent research and development

    The self-developed non-metallic shell shell was purchased by Zhongtian rocket group in batches, making a significant contribution to China's artificial rainfall.

  • 2006Independent research and development

    It has successfully developed nano high temperature insulating tape, which has been included into the exclusive domestic supplier by liming aviation group. The self-developed H-class polyesterimide glass pipe is included in the national Torch Program project and widely used in DuPont open type transformer.

  • 2007Become a qualified supplier.

    3240 epoxy board, 6630dmd, 3025 phenolic glass cloth board, etc. have become the qualified suppliers of AVIC avionics.

  • 2008Henan Zhongtian Electric Equipment Group

    It has successfully developed C-grade stay bar, become the exclusive supplier of CRRC Zhuzhou Locomotive Co., Ltd., widely used in high-speed railway, and made contribution to the development of China's high-speed railway. In cooperation with kfl electric of Germany, the company introduced the most advanced transformer production technology from abroad, began to set foot in the field of power transmission and transformation, complete power distribution and automation, and established "Henan Zhongtian electrical equipment group".

  • 2011Provide high temperature bracing.

    To provide China CRRC Zhuzhou Locomotive Co., Ltd. with six sets of high temperature resistant stay bars for 500km / h experimental motor car.

  • 2012Pass Sam supplier system audit

    It has successfully passed the SAM supplier system audit of Schneider Electric in France and become the only supplier in the field of special transformers in Central China.

  • 2013To contribute to China's aerospace industry.

    Supporting diphenyl ether plate, polyimide plate and other products for AVIC Xinxiang Aviation Group Co., Ltd., completing the docking task of Shenzhou No. 10 and Tiangong No. 1, receiving awards from China's Aerospace Department, and making significant contributions to China's aerospace industry.

  • 2014Become a partner of abb.

    All the companies under the group have passed the review of Rosh, reach and UL, which paves the way for the international integration and entering the overseas market. +Through the review of China supplier management system of ABB high voltage complete set business unit, we have become ABB's partner in the field of high voltage frequency conversion.

  • 2016Independent research and development

    In August, British EEC electric launched a comprehensive strategic cooperation with Zhongtian Group through its Hong Kong company. +In November, Xuchang zhongtianyuguang Electric Technology Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Zhongtian Group, was put into operation in the first phase of production base with a building area of 40000 square meters in Xuchang electric valley. +On October 19, Shenzhou 11 successfully docked with Tiangong 2. Zhongtian Group provided special insulation and sensing materials for the life system of the heat preservation warehouse, which was appreciated by AVIC!

  • 2017Henan Zhongtian Aviation Technology Group

    Vietnam VNEEC company was established in Vietnam Hanoi to enter the Southeast Asian market and seize the bridgehead along the way. +Chengdu Southwest Electric Group, once one of the five largest enameled wire factories in China, was acquired. +"Henan Zhongtian Aviation Technology Group" was reorganized and established.

  • 2018Guizhou guibian Electric Equipment Co., Ltd

    In June, the high-frequency electronic substrate for 5g high-speed communication passed the test of Saibao Laboratory of the Ministry of industry and information technology of China, breaking the international monopoly. It has been congratulated by the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beihang national key materials laboratory, etc. and reported by many media successively. +In July, the largest transformer manufacturer in Guizhou Province was reorganized and moved to Guiyang Economic Development Zone to establish Guizhou guibian Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd. Fill in the blank of large special transformer and mobile power system of military industry.

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