• Application of K Factor Transformer

    2023-05-30  |  By: ZTELEC  |  177click

    Analysis of Filtering Ability and Harmonic Tolerance of Isolation Transformer 1. Classification of isolation transformers 1.1. Classification according to input and output wiring methods: Usually, isolation transformers can be classified ac...

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  • How to prevent power transformer burnout?

    2023-05-11  |  By: ZTELEC  |  58click

    Transformer is one of the indispensable pieces of equipment in a power system. They are primarily used to convert voltage from one level to another in order to maintain the effectiveness of electrical energy transfer during transmission and...

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  • Power Transformers VS Distribution Transformers

    2023-04-24  |  By: ZTELEC  |  80click

    As a very important part of the transmission and distribution network, the transformer is the hub of the power grid system. What is the difference between a power transformer and a distribution transformer? There are mainly the following as...

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  • How to choose insulating crepe paper for transformer?

    2023-04-23  |  By: ZTELEC  |  170click

    Insulating crepe paper is an essential raw material for many transformer manufactures, and it is mainly used for wrapping transformer leads. Insulating crepe paper is made of electrical insulating paper (such as kraft paper) after crumpling...

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  • Differences between Gpo-3 and G10

    2023-03-25  |  By: ZTELEC  |  146click

    This article mainly compares the price, appearance and application of gpo-3 board and G10 board....

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  • Talking about the same and differences between epoxy insulating board G10 and fr4

    2023-03-17  |  By: ZTELEC  |  180click

    Both G10 and fr4 are developed and applied as insulating materials. Here, we first enumerate what they have in common: 1. Essentially the same The same in essence refers to the same raw materials used to make g10 and fr4. They are all made...

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