Enameled Flat Aluminum Wire

Enameled flat aluminum wire from ZTelec manufacturer is one of the main varieties of winding wires and is widely used in power transformers, generators, various motor windings and various electrical equipment.

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Enameled flat aluminum wire description

Enameled flat wire is a rectangular conductor with an R angle. It is described by parameters such as narrow conductor value, broad conductor value, heat resistance grade of paint film and thickness and type of paint film. The conductor can be copper, copper alloy or CCA copper clad aluminum. Compared with round lines, flat lines have incomparable advantages and characteristics, which are used in many fields.
Enameled Flat Aluminum Wire
Enameled flat aluminum wire parameter

Main features Acceptance criteria Sample test value
Thermal properties ≥ 220℃ ≥ 220℃
Softening breakdown ≥ 320℃ OK at ≥ 340℃
temperature ≥ 200℃1) ≥ 200℃1)
Electrical performance 0,02817Ωmm2/m 0,02817Ωmm2/m
Conductivity > 35.5m/(Ωmm2) > 35.5m/(Ωmm2)
Breakdown voltage IEC 60317-0-32) 9,0 kV
Mechanical performance IEC 60317-0-32) 25%
elasticity 3 × Φ -
  min 15% 20%
viscosity No loss of adhesion -
  min.1107) 140

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