Differences between Gpo-3 and G10

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First,the main color of the product is different, G10 is mainly green and yellow, gpo-3 is mainly red and white, but gpo-3 can modulate a variety of colors, G10 will have certain restrictions.

Secondly, the surface is different. (Zoom in to see the surface texture) G10 can clearly see the regular texture of the glass cloth, while the surface of gpo-3 has irregular cross texture.


Both base materials are glass cloth, and the resins are different, one is epoxy resin and the other is unsaturated resin.


Both can achieve the effects of heat resistance and insulation. The difference in their performance is: G10 is excellent in insulation, and gpo-3 is excellent in arc resistance and mechanical strength.

Production and processing

The production and processing methods are different. G10 mainly adopts lamination and heating to form boards, while gpo-3 can adopt two methods: molding and lamination.

Lamination can produce ultra-thin boards, especially boards <2mm; molding can produce medium-thick laminates, the thickest can be made up to 50mm; both are affected by raw materials and processing technology, and cannot make too thick boards. With a certain thickness, the quality of the board is unstable, and delamination will easily occur in the middle.

The outstanding advantages of Gpo-3

High mechanical strength, arc resistance, good flame retardancy, and low toxicity, which makes its application range very wide.

In terms of fine processing, it has good formability and is not easy to break;

it is cost-effective. In the production of specified structural parts, low-cost molding processing methods can be used, and the cost of one-time molding is 40% lower than that of fine processing;

its arc resistance, Features such as spot marks enable it to play a very important role in core components, such as various partitions, liners, arc extinguishing covers, arc extinguishing cylinders, arc extinguishing sheets, and arc baffles in our common switch cabinets.

Its low toxicity allows it to have a place in the medical industry.

The outstanding advantages of G10 

Due to the advantages of its epoxy resin, G10's abrasion resistance (resistance to peeling, cracking, resistance to chemicals and environmental exposure), moisture resistance (even can be applied underwater) and service life are greatly improved on gpo-3.

Therefore, GPO-3 is more suitable for applications that want to reduce costs but have low requirements on the environment and humidity. G10 is more suitable for higher-end electrical products, because its performance is almost indestructible in some aspects, and its price is also relatively low. Relatively high, when we choose the two, we should choose more suitable materials according to the products we manufacture.

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