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The pictures come from ZTELEC groups.what are they doing here and what are the black things laid on the floor which looks like phenolic laminated board. Do you know what is phenolic laminated board? Let’s to learn it.

Phenolic laminated  board is made of cotton cloth soaked with phenolic resin, baked and hot pressed.The heat resistance is grade E and has high mechanical properties, oil resistance and certain dielectric properties. Phenolic cloth board has high mechanical strength, excellent moisture resistance and heat resistance, good electrical properties and easy to process, 3025 phenolic cloth board is widely used in electrical products.The density of phenolic laminated paper is about 1.35g/ cm which is half of the weight of aluminum.

3025 phenolic laminated products are resistant to chemical corrosion, organic solvents, organic acids and dilute inorganic acids which is suitable for many chemical equipment, but it is not suitable for alkaline media.

The processing performance of phenolic cloth board is better than that of paperboard and glass cloth board.The bonding strength and impact strength are higher than paperboard, but the bad is the high water absorbing. After the hygroscopic electrical insulation decreases and easy to mildew which is not suitable for use in hot and humid areas.Therefore, it is commonly used as the insulation structure parts of low-voltage electrical appliances, such as gaskets, slot wedges, screws and so on.Glass cloth board kind is very much, its performance also follows the difference of adhesive resin and each different, glass cloth board compares with other laminates, have higher mechanical strength and heat resisting sex, below high temperature action, although its flexural resistance, tensile resistance and impact strength have been reduced, but still be higher than gummed paper board and gummed cloth board.

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