Chinese valentine's day

Qixi festival also we call qiqiao festival. It is a traditional Chinese folk festival. It was named "qixi" because it was held on the seventh night of July. Qixi festival is not only a festival of worship to the seven elder sisters, but also a festival of love. It is a comprehensive festival with "cowherd and weaver girl" folklore as the carrier for blessing and love as the theme and women as the main body. The festival is based on people's worship of natural celestial phenomena .It is said that the cowherd and the weaver maid meet on the magpie bridge in the sky on the seventh day of the seventh lunar month every year. Qixi festival is endowed with the beautiful legend of "cowherd and weaver girl" which makes it as a festival of love. It is considered to be the most romantic traditional festival in China and it even has the cultural meaning of "Chinese valentine's day" in modern times.
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