What is copper clad laminated

Copper clad laminated known as substrate.The reinforcing material is soaked in resin, and one or both sides are covered with copper foil.It is the basic material of PCB, often called base material.When it is used in multilayer production, it is also called CORE.Copper Clad Laminate (CCL in English) is a kind of product made of wood pulp paper or glass fiber cloth as reinforcement material, soaked with resin and coated with Copper foil on one or both sides through hot pressing.Copper clad plate is the basic material of electronic industry, mainly used for processing and manufacturing printed circuit board (PCB), widely used in television, radio, computer, computer, mobile communication and other electronic products.

It has devided into 4 kinds of plates what is copper clad laminated, shielding laminated, multilayer materials and special substrate.

Copper clad laminated refers to a plate-like product made of paper, fiberglass cloth and other substrate impregnated with resin and made into adhesive sheets (gummed paper and adhesive cloth), which is composed of several adhesive sheets and equipped with copper foil on either side or both sides and cured by hot pressing.
The "shielding laminated" refers to a copper clad plate with a shielding layer or graphic circuit in the inner layer.As long as the processing of two sides of the circuit, can be multi-layer circuit board.Also known as "copper clad plate with shielding layer".
The material used for multilayer board refers to the copper clad board and bonding sheet (adhesive) used for making multilayer circuit board.It also includes resin-coated copper foil (RCC) for laminated multilaminates.The so-called multilayer board refers to the circuit board that includes two surfaces and internal and has several layers of graphics circuits.
Special substrates refer to laminates for addition method, metal core substrates, etc., which are not included in the above mentioned substrates.Metal core substrate, also including resin coated substrate and so on.

Copper clad laminated has a history of nearly one hundred years, which is an inseparable technical development history with the synchronous development of electronic information industry, especially PCB industry.The development of copper clad plate began in the early 20th century.At that time, copper clad panels were made of resins, reinforced materials, and substrates.
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