The overload capacity of dry type insolation transformer

The overload capacity of the dry type isolation transformer is related to the ambient temperature, the pre-overload load (initial load), the insulation and heat dissipation of the transformer, and the heating time constant. If necessary, the transformer overload curve can be obtained from the manufacturer.

How to use its overload capacity of dry type isolation transformer

(1) When selecting and calculating the dry type isolation transformer capacity that can be appropriately reduced: fully consider the possibility of short-term shock overload of some rolling, welding and other equipment-try to use the strong overload capacity of dry-type transformers to reduce the transformer capacity; for some places with uneven load, such as residential areas dominated by night lighting, cultural and entertainment facilities, air conditioners, and shops which can make full use of their overload capacity and appropriately reduce the transformer capacity to make their main operating time full or short-term overload.

(2) The reserve capacity or quantity of dry type isolation transformer can be reduced: some places have higher requirements for the reserve factor of the dry type isolation transformer which makes the capacity and quantity of the transformer selected for this project larger. Considering the reserve capacity of the dry-type transformer, its overload capacity can be compressed and the overload capacity can be reduced when determining the number of spare units. When the dry type isolation transformer is overloaded, pay attention to monitoring its operating temperature: when the temperature rises to 155 ° C (alarm), load reduction measures (minus some secondary loads) should be taken to ensure the safe power supply of the main load.

Dry type isolation transformer principle

1. The principle of dry type isolation transformer is the same as that of ordinary transformer. They all use the principle of electromagnetic induction. Isolation transformer generally refers to a 1: 1 transformer. Because auxiliary equipment is not connected. There is no potential difference between any secondary line and the ground. Safe to use. Often used as a maintenance power source.

2. Not all dry type isolation transformer are 1: 1 transformers. Control dry type isolation transformer and power supplies for tube equipment are also dry type isolation transformer. Such as tube amplifier, tube radio, oscilloscope and lathe control transformer power supply is an isolation transformer. For example, to ensure the safety of color TVs, a 1: 1 transformer is usually used. Isolation transformers are widely used in air conditioning systems.

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