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Work on transformer calculation has been carried out earlier abroad, and software applications are also very mature. Such as ALSTOM, ABB, SIMENS companies. From the perspective of transformer software, there are very complete calculation methods in electric field, magnetic field, temperature field, and dynamic short-circuit electric force. Some use graphic workstations to complete the electromagnetic optimization design of new products, such as electric field and magnetic field analysis. Many basic databases have been established, and they have been continuously modified and corrected to continuously improve the accuracy and reliability of performance parameter calculations. The calculation content is very detailed.

Through the analysis of foreign transformer factories, the professional software is mainly divided into three parts: electromagnetic optimization design software, leakage magnetic field analysis software, and wave process analysis software. For example, the more famous transformer leakage magnetic field analysis software is software developed by the Norwegian Electric Power Research Center using the finite element method, which can accurately calculate the short-circuit impedance, residual loss, and short-circuit mechanical force. ABB, Shanghai ALSTOM, and Tianwei BaoTransformer Transformer Plant have all used this software for leakage magnetic field analysis.

The problem of transformer loss has attracted more and more attention. Of the 11 papers in the 12th group of the 32nd International Large Grid Conference held in Paris in 1988, 8 were on the issue of loss.

The analysis and calculation of power transformer leakage magnetic field and additional loss is a very classic and difficult problem in the field of transformer engineering. With the increasing of the single unit capacity of the transformer, the leakage magnetic field of the transformer and the local overheating problems induced by it are particularly prominent. The main difficulties in studying the electromagnetic field problems of large transformers are as follows: 1 The solution has a huge field volume and a complex structure. 2 The linearity difference of the transformer is very large. The silicon steel sheet is only 0.23-0.3mm, and the input depth of ordinary steel is 0.5-3mm. The analysis using pure finite element method has a considerable cost. 3 Nonlinearity and anisotropy of materials.

In general, the problem of engineering electromagnetic fields is to find specific boundary conditions. There are many methods to solve this kind of problems, and they can be divided into two categories: analytical methods and numerical methods.

For many years, domestic and foreign experts, scholars, and engineering and technical personnel have invested a lot of energy in the analysis of transformer leakage magnetic fields and the calculation of our residual loss, and published a large number of academic papers, which have well supported the design and manufacturing of transformers.

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