500kVA dry-type transformer

500kVA dry-type transformer
500kVA dry-type transformer
500kVA dry-type transformer
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The description of 500kVA dry-type transformer

500kVA dry-type transformer is an update of SCB9. 500kVA dry-type transformers are made of high-quality materials and scientific formulas, and are produced in strict process using advanced production testing equipment.

500KVA dry type transformer is an update of SCB9. 500KVA dry-type transformers are made of high-quality materials and scientific formulas. They are produced by advanced production testing equipment in strict process. The product has the characteristics of high reliability and long service life. Depending on the use environment, shells with different protection levels can be configured or not. 500KVA dry-type transformers can be used as replacement products of oil-immersed 500KVA dry-type transformers, suitable for high-rise buildings, commercial centers, airports, tunnels, chemical plants, nuclear power plants, ships and other important or special environmental places.

The performance characteristics of 500kVA dry-type transformer

1.500kVA dry type transformer has lower no-load loss, no-load current and noise compared with SCB9 type.

2. Safety, fire prevention, no pollution, can run directly in the load center.

3. High mechanical strength, strong short-circuit resistance, small partial discharge, good thermal stability, high reliability, and long service life.

4.500kVA dry-type transformer has good heat dissipation performance, strong overload capacity, increased capacity operation when forced air cooling.

5. 500VA dry-type transformer has good moisture resistance that suitable for operation in high humidity and other harsh environments.

6. 500kVA dry-type transformer can be equipped with a complete temperature monitoring and protection system. The intelligent signal temperature control system can automatically monitor and display the respective working temperature of the phase windings on the same screen. It can automatically start and stop the fan, and has functions such as alarm and trip.

7.500kVA dry-type transformer has small size, light weight, small footprint, low installation cost.

The structural features of 500kVA dry-type transformer

1. The core material of 500kVA dry-type transformer is made of high-quality cold-rolled oriented silicon steel sheet, with full oblique seam laminated structure.

2. The low-voltage coil is a foil-type winding structure, which is wound with high-quality steel foil. The high-voltage coil is a layered structure and vacuum formed.

The main advantages of 500kVA dry-type transformer are:

1. Reducing land occupation and multi-level substation construction have significant social benefits.

2. Save project investment and improve economic benefits.

3. Reduce the 10KV transmission and transformation links, so that the operation and maintenance costs are significantly reduced.

4. Use high voltage and small current instead of low voltage and large current to reduce line losses and reduce line operating costs;

5. The power supply directly enters the power center which effectively improves the reliability of power supply.

Series 500KVA dry-type transformer has the following characteristics:

1. High performance and low loss, it is the replacement product of 9 series.

2. Select high-quality silicon steel sheet, while greatly reducing the magnetic flux density, reduce the magnetostriction of silicon steel sheet during operation and effectively reduce noise.

3. Optimize the structure of the high voltage coil, improve the distribution of interlayer voltage and capacitance, greatly improve the product's ability to withstand the impact of atmospheric overvoltage and operating overvoltage, and also improve the electric field distribution, which will further reduce the partial discharge of the 500KVA dry-type transformer.

4. 500KVA dry-type transformer can be equipped with temperature control system and air cooling device which can automatically start the fan cooling device when the load is too large which improves the equipment's overload capacity.

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