Congratulations to Xu Jue Electric for winning the title of Henan Province Manufacturing Single Champion Enterprise

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Henan Province Manufacturing Single Champion Enterprise
Xu Jue Electric Co., Ltd.
Recently, the Provincial Information Department announced the evaluation results of Henan Province Manufacturing Single Champion Enterprises in 2024, and Xu Jue Electric Co., Ltd. won the title of "Henan Province Manufacturing Single Champion Enterprise".
As a leading technology enterprise in the domestic high-voltage electrical insulation material industry, Xu Jue Electric has a profound historical accumulation. The company originated from the state-owned Xuchang Insulation Material Factory established in 1958. Over a period of more than half a century, Xu Jue has been constantly transforming and innovating, and has gradually grown into a key supporting enterprise of the National Defense Science and Technology Commission, one of the six major insulation material production bases in the country, and its production scale ranks first in the same industry in Henan Province.
Continuously exploring the innovation of new materials in R&D and special fields, it is committed to promoting the development of ultra-high temperature, ultra-low temperature, ultra-voltage, high insulation and thermal insulation materials industries. Its products have been widely used in many industries, including aerospace, shipbuilding, electricity, electronics, high-speed railways, petroleum, mining, chemical industry, machinery, energy storage and photovoltaics.
For enterprises, the manufacturing single champion certification is not only an affirmation and encouragement of the enterprise's professional development, market leadership, innovation ability, quality and efficiency, but also can effectively enhance the company's and product's visibility, influence and market competitiveness, and promote the brand building and international development of the company and its products.

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