Epoxy Pull Extruded Rod

Epoxy pultruded dog bone fiberglass rod is created by fiberglass impregnated with special resin through a mould in the pultrusion process. It is mainly suitable for insulating structural parts, screw processing parts.

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Description of Epoxy Pull Extruded Rod

Epoxy pull extruded rod is manufactured by pulling fiberglass impregnated with special resin through a mould in the pultrusion process. It has the advantages of excellent insulation, good heat and corrosion resistance, and high mechanical strength and so on.
Epoxy Pull Extruded Rod
Application of Epoxy Pull Extruded Rod

Mainly apply to as insulating structural parts, screw processing parts and high-voltage disconnector in transformers, motors and electrical equipments.

Advantage of Epoxy Pull Extruded Rod

Epoxy pull extruded rod, produced by ZTelec Group using fiberglass as raw material, has the advantages of reliable quality and various shapes with strict manufacturing technology. The mechanical and electrical properties of products are superior to the similar one of other companies. Its quality is recognized by domestic and foreign large enterprises such as Lens Technology in China and Schneider Electric. Epoxy pull extruded rod produced by ZTelec Group includes straight I-bar, I-bar, flat bar, hexagonal rod, hollow T-bar, solid T-bar, U shaped bar, R shaped bar, round rod, right angle, etc with various shapes and types and can fully meet the customers’ diversified demands.

Insulation Stay Diagram of Epoxy Pull Extruded Rod

Mould Specification Table of Epoxy Pull Extruded Rod

Name Specification
Straight I-Bar 10*12*5 10*14*5 10*25*5 10*20*5 10*12*6
I-Bar 6*6 6*7 6*8 8*8 8*10
10*14 10*15 10*16 12*16 14*16
14*18 16*20 16*18 14*20 12*20
Flat Bar 5*22 14*16 12*14 12*30 12.5*30
10*40 12*40 12*40 10*10 5*10
Hollow T-Bar 18*12*12 18*16*12 25*19*12 25*19*19 18*12*20
Solid T-Bar 18*12*12 18*16*12 25*19*12 25*19*16 19*6*10
22*14*16 22*16*8 25*19*10 18*12*10 25*19*14
U-Bar 10*8*2 6*10*4      
R-Bar 10*17*7 19*19*7 6*8 8*28 10*30
8*8 10*10      
Hexagonal Rod 14*14        
Round Rod 4-6-8-12-20-24
Right Angle 75*75*5 40*40*4.6 10*10 7*7 6*6
Various shapes and specifications are not limited to this table.

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