Laminates for Insulation Gasket

Steel & Insulation sheet composites (SIC) material is made with combination of Glass Reinforced Epoxy (GRE) and steel core.

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Description of Laminates for Insulation Gasket

Steel & Insulation sheet composites (SIC) material is made with combination of Glass Reinforced Epoxy (GRE) and steel core offering the strength and integrity of a mental which also maintains the Isolation characteristics of traditional GRE designs. This in turn ensures the highest levels of electrical isolation. This material provides excellent solution for resistance and withstand extremely corrosive condition such as CO2, H2S and generally used for high-pressure services. It is mainly used in the manufacturing of insulating gasket of sealing flange in piping connections from oil, gas, water, chemical and offshore industries.

Description of Laminates for Insulation Gasket

Structure of insulating Gasket Materials

Composition of Laminates for Insulation Gasket

Metal Core

Attached Stainless Metal Core between Glass Reinforced Epoxy performs superior sealing ability and reinforced insulation characteristic in high pressure. (Max ASME Class 2500) Standard core material is Stainless Steel 316L and other special material options are available depend on client requests.





X5CrNi18-10 Stainless Steel 304(s30400) -200 to +550
X2CrNiMo17-12-2 Stainless Steel 316L(s31603) -200 to +550
X6CrNiMoTi17-12-2 Stainless Steel 316Ti(s31635) -270 to +550
X6CrNiTi18-10 Stainless Steel 321(s32100) -270 to +550

Insulation Material

The laminate material is composed with Glass Reinforced Epoxy (NEMA G10,G11,Fr4,Fr5) for excellent insulation. It used as sealing materials in flanges to protects from leakage and penetration of fluids induced erosion with deformation.


Water Absorption







Max Operating Continous

FR4 3.5 % 12,000 PSI 34,000 PSI 400 VPM 130℃
G7 0.09 %   22,000 PSI   40,000 PSI 400 VPM   200
G10 0.01 %   40,000 PSI   66,000 PSI   800 VPM   130
G11 0.20 % 43,000 PSI 63,000 PSI 900 VPM   180℃

Advantages of Laminates for Insulation Gasket

A. Superior Sealing and Insulating ability.

B. High Pressure (Max ASME Class 2500)

C. Excellent insulation for cathodic protection, galvanic corrosion and other piping isolation products.

D. Protection for electrical corrosion in dissimilar metals.

E. Withstand harsh operating conditions, especially high reliability in corrosive environments.

Special configurations can be manufactured upon request for custom requirements.

Specifications & Tolerances of Laminates for Insulation Gasket

Length*Width*Thickness  (mm) Tolerance in Length&Width (mm) Tolerance in Thickness  (mm) Color (Available)
Yellow Green Others
1020*1220*(5-10) +-10  
1020*2020*(5-10) +-20  
1220*2440*(5-10) +-25  

Video of Laminates for Insulation Gasket

Application of Laminates for Insulation Gasket

Insulation Gasket for special flanges:

a. Dissimilar metal flange connections to mitigate galvanic corrosion

b. High pressure flowlines/wellheads for isolation

c. Flange isolation in conjunction with cathodic protection systems

d. Critical service, fire safe sealing requirements

e. Flange protection against crevice corrosion

Pictures of Application Industry

Pictures of Application Industry


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