Cast Resin Phase Shifting Transformer

Cast resin phase shifting voltage alternating transforme can be matched with the high-voltage variable-frequency speed regulating device, so as to realize the multiple technology and effectively suppress the harmonic content.

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Executive Standard of Cast Resin Phase Shifting Transformer

International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC)Standard:

IEC 60076-1~5 《Power Transformer》

IEC 61378-1:1997 《Rectifier Transformer:Transformers for Industrial Application》

National and Industrial Standards:

JB/T 8636-1997 《Power Converter Transformer》

GB1094.11-2007 《Dry-Type Power Transformer》

GB1094.1-1996 《Power Transformer: General》

GB1094.2-1996 《Power Transformer: Temperature Rise》
Cast Resin Phase Shifting Transformer
Type and Meaning of Cast Resin Phase Shifting Transformer

ZT(P) ZT—Rectifier Transformer for Frequency Converter (ZP:For Frequency Conversion Power Supply)

S Three Phase

口 Cooling Type(Natural Air Cooling Omitted,F-Forced Air Cooling)

G Dry-Type Power Transformer(Non-Encapsulated)

(口)- Insulation Class(B-S Class Insulation,H-H Class Insulation)

口/ Rated Capacity(KVA)

口 Voltage Level(KV)

Feature of Cast Resin Phase Shifting Transformer

This series of products have the features of smooth waveform, low harmonic pollution, good heat dissipation, strong thermal impact resistance, high over-load capacity, low loss, low noise and easy maintenance. Worked as the isolated power supply in the high-voltage variable-frequency speed regulating device, this series of products can be matched with the high-voltage variable-frequency speed regulating device, so as to realize the multiple technology and effectively suppress the harmonic content.

Application of Cast Resin Phase Shifting Transformer

It is suitable for electrical industry, petroleum, chemical industry, metallurgy, municipal water supply, waste water treatment, textile, paper making, pharmaceuticals, coal, cement, rolling mill (steel factory) and other industries.

Structure of Cast Resin Phase Shifting Transformer

a. The core material is made of high-quality cold-rolled silicon steel sheet, which is carefully laminated in full 45diagonally;

b. Insulation materials of transformer are H level with the 20-year service life time the same as transformers;

c. The structure of coil is non-encapsulated with excellent property of flame retardant;

d. The insulation materials on wires are with H class insulation. And the products have been painted with 3-proofings lacquer and cured under high temperature which all can strengthen the anti-short circuit ability;

e. The shell of transformer is made of high-quality steel sheet;

f. The inlet and outlet wires of transformer are generally connected from bottom. Cable holes are set on the base of transformer box, and a device is set to fix the cable.

Parameter of Cast Resin Phase Shifting Transformer

Model Rated Capacity
Number of Low Voltage Groups Short-Circuit Impedance
Overall Dimension(mm)
Total Weight (kg)
ZT(P)SFG(H)-315/10 315 24
6-9% 1380×920×1450 1090
ZT(P)SFG(H)-400/10 400 1380×920×1490 1250
ZT(P)SFG(H)-500/10 500 1420×960×1520 1410
ZT(P)SFG(H)-630/10 630 1450×960×1550 1640
ZT(P)SFG(H)-710/10 710 1480×960×1580 1780
ZT(P)SFG(H)-800/10 800 1530×960×1620 1860
ZT(P)SFG(H)-900/10 900 1580×960×1640 2050
ZT(P)SFG(H)-1000/10 1000 1640×960×1660 2250
ZT(P)SFG(H)-1120/10 1120 1640×1020×1680 2300
ZT(P)SFG(H)-1250/10 1250 1680×1020×1720 2470
ZT(P)SFG(H)-1400/10 1400 1700×1020×1760 2810
ZT(P)SFG(H)-1600/10 1600 1780×1020×1800 3040
ZT(P)SFG(H)-1800/10 1800 1780×1020×1820 3360
ZT(P)SFG(H)-2000/10 2000 1780×1020×1860 3690
ZT(P)SFG(H)-2250/10 2250 1780×1020×1900 4170
ZT(P)SFG(H)-2500/10 2500 1800×1020×1900 4410
ZT(P)SFG(H)-2800/10 2800 1840×1120×1950 4720
ZT(P)SFG(H)-3000/10 3000 1880×1120×1950 5020
ZT(P)SFG(H)-3150/10 3150 1920×1120×2000 5400
ZT(P)SFG(H)-3500/10 3500 1980×1120×2050 5400
ZT(P)SFG(H)-3750/10 3750 2010×1200×2050 5900
ZT(P)SFG(H)-4000/10 4000 2060×1200×2080 6360
ZT(P)SFG(H)-4500/10 4500 2120×1200×2100 6960
ZT(P)SFG(H)-5000/10 5000 2200×1200×2150 7440
ZT(P)SFG(H)-6300/10 6300 2250×1300×2150 8950
ZT(P)SFG(H)-8000/10 8000 2250×1350×2250 10900

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