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Diamond dotted paper is base on power cable paper which use epoxy resin as cementing compound that double-sided rhomboidal glue spots are printed on the substrate by special equipment and double-sided rhomboidal glue insulating paper is formed by baking, drying and winding. This kind of products have good insulation performance and machinable property. When the DDP heated and the rubber melt will bond together with winding to keep enough tension. The main function is foil coils for transformers and other electrical appliances and key insulation materials for unvarnished coils. The use of adhesive paper, insulation between layers can save the process of dipping, save raw materials and energy, improve the heat dissipation effect of electrical appliances, extend the service life of electrical appliances.
DDP is a kind of insulating material which is made of special modified epoxy resin in a rhombohedral shape on electrical insulating paper.The product is widely used in the insulation between layers and turns of oil-immersed power transformers. When it was used, the coating layer starts to melt at a certain temperature during the drying process of the coil that result in adhesive effect. With the rise of temperature, it starts to solidify that make the adjacent layers of the winding reliably bonded into a fixed unit.The adhesive strength of epoxy resin is enough to prevent the displacement of each layer of winding in short circuit, so as to ensure the electrical and mechanical properties of insulation structure.Because the resin coating of rhombus point adhesive paper is point-like, it ensures the immersion of oil and the discharge of gas in the insulation material, and effectively avoids corona and local discharge, thus ensuring the safety and reliability of the insulation structure.Can also be used as cable shielding isolation layer and high voltage motor, electrical corona prevention material.
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