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Mobile substation is a high voltage switchgear , distribution transformer and low voltage power distribution unit which follow to certain wiring schemes are arranged in the integration of factory indoor, outdoor compact type distribution equipment, the step-down transformer, low voltage power distribution, and other functions organically combined together, installed in a moisture, rust, dust, rat, fire prevention, guard against theft, thermal insulation, fully enclosed, movable steel structure, especially suitable for city network construction and retrofit, is the civil substation after the rise of a new substation. Box substation is suitable for mining, factory, oil and gas field and wind power station. It replaces the original civil power distribution house and power distribution station and becomes a new set of transformer and distribution equipment.
Mobile substation is a kind of compact distribution equipment, which combines the distribution transformer, low-voltage switchgear, power metering equipment and reactive power compensation device in one or more boxes according to a certain wiring scheme. It is suitable for three-phase ac system rated voltage 10/0.4kv, suitable for line and distribution.
Mobile substation is suitable for residence community, busy street and construction of power supply. The user can choose with different condition and loading. Since its appeared, box substation has developed rapidly which is up to 70% of distribution transformers in developed countries in Europe and 90% in the United States. With the rapid development of urban modernization construction in China, the urban distribution network will be widely used.
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