The differences between enameled wire and electromagnetic wire

The enameled wire belong to electromagnetic wire often called winding insulation wire that make coil of electrical products. We also call them winding wire. The enameled wire cover with paint that made by solvent evaporation, film curing and cooling. According to varnish ,the enameled wire can be divided into polyester enameled wire, polyester imide enameled wire, polyamideimide enameled wire, polyimide enameled wire and so on.  The earliest enameled wire is oil enameled wire that made from tung oil out of bad abrasive resistance that can not use in motor coil and winding. If you really want to use, you have to wrap layer with cotton. Because of the application of enameled wire use widely, the requirement is more strict than before. So we create compound enameled wire is made of different high polymer material on two sides film.

Electromagnetic wires can be classified according to their basic composition, conducting core and electrical insulation layer. Generally, it is divided into enameled wire, lapped wire, enameled wrapped wire and inorganic insulated wire according to the insulation materials and manufacturing methods used for electrical insulation layer. Winding wire is an important type of winding wire. Early use of cotton yarn and silk known as gauze and silk covered wire that used in motor, electrical appliances. Due to high insulation thickness and low heat resistance, most of them have been replaced by enameled wire. Currently only used as high frequency winding wire. In the winding wire of large and medium-sized specifications, when the heat resistance grade is higher and the mechanical strength is larger, the glass wire is also used, and in the manufacturing with appropriate adhesive paint. Paper wrapped wire still occupies a considerable position in winding wire which is mainly used in oil-immersed transformer. At this time, the oil paper insulation has excellent dielectric properties and low price, long life.  
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