There are abnormal conditions in dry-type transformer sound

Dry-type transformer sound is an important physical property and characteristic of dry-type transformer.
There are also many abnormal conditions in dry-type transformer sound. It is necessary to perform various abnormal conditions in the sound of dry-type transformer. The main situation of the sound abnormality of the dry type transformer is continuously improved. When the sound of the dry type transformer is abnormal, it is necessary to understand the type of the sound abnormality and the main cause of the abnormality. The various manifestations of dry-type transformer sound abnormality are as follows.
dry-type transformer
Dry-type transformers boil water. If the sound of the transformer is mixed with water boiling sound, the temperature changes sharply, and the oil level rises, it should be judged that the transformer winding has a short-circuit fault, or the tap-changer is severely overheated due to poor contact. At this time, the transformer should be stopped for inspection.
dry transformer
Noise from dry-type transformers. If the sound of the transformer is larger than normal and there is obvious noise, but there is no obvious abnormality in the current and voltage that may be caused by the looseness of the internal clamps or the screws pressing the iron core which will increase the vibration of the silicon steel sheet.

There is a crackling sound in dry-type transformers. If there is an uneven cracking sound in the transformer sound, it is the breakdown of the internal or surface insulation of the transformer. At this time, the transformer should be stopped and inspected immediately. The dry-type transformer has a discharge sound. If there is a partial discharge inside or on the transformer, there will be a "cracking" discharge sound in the sound blue.

The above are the main manifestations of the common sound abnormalities of common dry-type transformers and the main characteristics of related performances for your reference.
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