SGB13 series non-encapsulated dry-type transformer

The description of SGB13 series non-encapsulated dry-type transformer
SGB13 series non-encapsulated dry-type transformer has the advantages of safety and environmental protection, reliable operation, maintenance-free, easy installation and good moisture resistance. With low loss, low partial discharge, low noise, strong heat dissipation capacity, and equipped with a perfect temperature protection control system, it provides reliable guarantee for the safe operation of the transformer. The product adopts CAD-aided design, with reasonable structure, beautiful appearance and excellent performance indicators. It can be installed in areas with high fire resistance requirements and heavy loads. It is suitable for industrial and mining enterprises, power plants, offshore oil platforms, airports, subways, hospitals, high-rise buildings, etc place.

The features of SGB13 series non-encapsulated dry-type transformer
① Reasonable structure and beautiful appearance.
② It can be installed with high fire resistance requirements and can adapt to large loads.
③ Low loss, low partial discharge, low noise and strong heat dissipation.

FAQ of SGB13 series non-encapsulated dry-type transformer

Q1: Can the price be negotiated?
A1: Yes, the price is negotiable. It can be changed according to your quantity or package.
Q2: What is the capacity of your transformer?
A2: We can supply transformers with a capacity below 12500 kva.
Q3: What is the altitude of your transformer used?
A3: We are able to supply ordinary transformers(The altitude is less than 1000m) and plateau transformers(The altitude is greater than 1000m) according to your requirements.
Q4: What is the difference between copper core and aluminum core of transformer?
A4: The mechanical strength of aluminum coil is worse than that of copper coil; 
The thermal stability of aluminum wire is poor, so aluminum wire ring is easy to be burned; 
The production cost of aluminum wire is lower than that of copper wire.
Q5: What is the connection mode of your transformer?
A5: We mainly produce Dyn11 and Yyn0 transformers, which can be designed and manufactured according to your requirements.
Q6: Are your transformers supported for customization
A6: yes, of course.
Q7: What is the function of transformer oil?
A7: Insulation, heat dissipation and arc extinction.
Q8: How can you ensure your After-sales Service?
A8: We do it in strict accordance with the contract, so that customers can buy our products with confidence.
Q9: Are you a trading company or a manufacturer?
A9: We are the most powerful manufacturer and exporter in the industry, so we can supply product for you with Factory Price.
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