Step-up transformer features and functions

1. Voltage regulation with load;
2. The step-up transformer and on-load voltage-regulating transformer form a manual, automatic, remote-control voltage regulating system. WIFI is connected with APP software to read historical data (the step-up transformer has a history of tens of thousands or more).Data can also communicate directly with the host computer through the RS485 communication interface, can also be remotely via GPRS.
Step-up transformer
3. The step-up transformer has both the signal voltage detection and the working voltage and current display.
4. The step-up transformer is equipped with over-voltage drop and under-voltage protection functions to ensure the safe operation of the on-load tap-changer.
5. The step-up transformer can set the reference voltage, voltage regulation accuracy (sensitivity), delay time, communication address and other parameters by touching the buttons.
6. The step-up transformer can display the sampling voltage (signal voltage), the number of operations and the tap position display.
Step-up transformer
7. The step-up dry transformer also has a reliable two-terminal electrical limit.
8. The step-up dry transformer has a variety of remote control output interfaces. The gear signals correspond to the passive contact output or gear signal BCD code contact output (contact capacity: 1A / AC120V or 2 / DC30V) and remote control signal input. (Passive contacts must be provided for upshift, downshift, and stop motion instructions), to realize remote monitoring and control of the on-load tap-changer, and also to communicate with the host computer through RS485 communication interface for remote measurement, remote control, and remote signaling to achieve on-load The non-contact remote monitoring and control of the tap changer can realize parallel control of multiple on-load voltage-regulating transformers.
9. The working voltage AC of the step-up transformer: 220V or ~ 380v (see the schematic diagram of the code pasted on the step-up transformer for details)

10. Step-up transformer signal voltage (stable sampling voltage) 0V to ~ 450V (secondary output voltage of on-load voltage-regulating transformer, if it is high voltage, add PT component)
11. The rated position of the step-up transformer is ≤9 levels (it can be within 15 levels according to the user's special needs)
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