Dry-type transformers do not require oil cooling

The no-load loss of dry-type transformers during operation has always hindered the development of energy-saving technologies. In today's large-scale advocacy of energy conservation and emission reduction, how to achieve more economical operation through design, use and installation is worth exploring, and the comprehensive development of economically operating transformers is not only a matter for the operating department, but also with design and manufacturers There is also a close relationship.
dry-type transformers
At the beginning of dry-type transformer design, full consideration should be given to the economic operating conditions of dry-type transformers. , Dry-type transformers use transformer oil. Only when the transformer oil meets the operating conditions of the dry-type transformer can the dry-type transformer operate more safely and the efficiency can be further improved. The dry-type transformer needs to perform various oil changes. Dry-type transformers do not require frequent oil changes, and they are also guaranteed to be changed twice to three times a month, making the transformer oil fresher and more vibrant.
In addition, there are constant inspections. What are the specific inspection contents?
In general, oil changes in dry-type transformers need to be checked regularly:
 1. Check the oil temperature
Under normal circumstances, the temperature of dry type transformer oil will inevitably rise due to the operation of the transformer, but it will be within a certain range and cannot exceed 85 degrees. When the oil temperature is too high, the transformer must be checked for overload. If the load current is reduced, ventilation and heat dissipation should be strengthened indoors.
indoor dry transformer
 2. Check the oil quality
The main purpose is to see if there are impurities, sediments, etc. in the dry type transformer oil. These impurities, sediments, etc. will cause the transformer oil to deteriorate and affect its use.
To ensure that transformer oil plays an important role, the editor reminds you to check the three main aspects of transformer oil level, oil temperature and oil quality regularly. When problems are found, they will be addressed in a targeted manner.
 3. Check the oil level
The oil level mainly reflects the transformer oil, and the amount of transformer oil must not be too low. Once the refueling amount is too small, it will inevitably lead to performance degradation in all aspects, and the total loss of the transformer will increase, which will have a great adverse effect on dry type t transformer.
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