Oil type transformer technical requirement

Oil type transformers also require a lot of technology as support. Only when the technology of oil-immersed transformers meets the requirements, its functions can be better performed. There are many technical requirements for oil-immersed transformers, what are the important requirements for common oil type transformers?

Oil type transformer body:

High-voltage winding is wound with copper wire, and low-voltage winding is wound with copper foil. The coil is made of glass fiber imported epoxy resin in full vacuum. It must have strong rigidity and mechanical strength, and have good short-circuit resistance. The high and low voltage coils must be balanced. The epoxy glass fiber mixture has the same thermal expansion coefficient as the copper conductor, ensuring that the coil does not crack. Strong heat dissipation performance. Equipped with a temperature display control system, which automatically displays the temperature of the three-phase windings of the transformer. When the temperature is reached, the thermostat can automatically send a signal to control the fan start and stop, over-temperature alarm and protection. Exhaust fan of power station. The iron core and all exposed metal parts should be rust-proofed. The nameplate is made of stainless steel, and important data about the transformer are marked on the nameplate according to the standard. Using assembled shell, assembled on site, the shell material is stainless steel plate. With communication 485 interface, it can transfer the running status of the transformer.

2. Oil type transformer does not overheat under load when the fan is not running. It allows 50% overload operation under normal running state of the fan without overtemperature, alarm and trip.

3. No-load loss of oil type transformer: No-load loss is manufactured according to the standard standard negative error, it must not be a positive error. It need to meet the implementation standard of ZTELEC.

4. Noise index: When the fan is not in normal operation, the 2000KVA dry type transformer is lower than 52ab.

5. Creepage specific distance: Organic material is not less than 20mmKV, porcelain is not less than 18mm / KVo20, high-voltage side-to-earth and interphase clear air safety net distance 2125mm.

6. The high-voltage incoming line is a cable which meets the requirements of the upper or lower incoming line. The low-voltage outgoing line is a busway, and the upper outgoing line.

7. There should be inspection doors and inspection windows at the front and back of the cabinet to facilitate inspection and inspection of the joints of various parts.

8. Equipped with temperature measuring device that are equipped with temperature control box. The micro switch in the control box shall be provided by the manufacturer. 24. All components shall be reinforced insulation products identified by "two parts".

9. Hang out the ground terminal at the appropriate position and the rest should be painted with the corresponding phase paint.

10. Under normal working conditions and load conditions, the operating life of the transformer is about 230 years.

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