• Glass epoxy laminated sheet FR4 suppliers in Delhi, India

    2020-09-15  |  By: ZTELEC  |  89click

    The Capital of India is divided into old Delhi and new Delhi. According to a report released by the United Nations in 2014, Delhi, with a population of 25 million, is the second most populous city in the world. While Mumbai, with a populati...

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  • Temperature grade of 4 ft long 3 4 inch diameter epoxy glass laminate G10 FR4

    2020-09-03  |  By: ZTELEC  |  168click

    The insulation performance of 4 ft long 3 4 inch diameter epoxy glass laminate G10 FR4 used in the electronics industry is always concerned. In fact, in most materials, the insulation performance is related to the temperature resistance of t...

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  • Application of FR4 dissipative laminate star wheel

    2020-09-01  |  By: ZTELEC  |  60click

    FR4 dissipative laminate star wheel is used in glass, lens, silicon wafer, hard disk and other planar polishing process fixture, also known as the polishing fixture, polishing pad, etc. Polishing technology has developed for many years and h...

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  • Reliability of FR4 fiberglass epoxy glass fiber sheet used in electrical appliances

    2020-08-27  |  By: ZTELEC  |  56click

    The reason why the electric appliance chooses FR4 fiberglass epoxy glass fiber sheet as its insulation material is closely related to its performance characteristics....

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  • What is the method of making FR4 epoxy fixture?

    2020-08-21  |  By: ZTELEC  |  78click

    FR4 sheet is a kind of substrate with epoxy resin as binder and electronic grade glass fiber cloth as reinforcing material. Its binder and inner core thin copper-clad plate are important base materials for the production of multilayer printe...

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  • FR4

    2020-11-03  |  By: ZTELEC  |  9999click

    FR-4 flame retardant epoxy resin fiberglass laminate sheet material is made of electronic grade fiberglass cloth and epoxy resin, which is suitable for insulating structural components of mechanical, electronic and electrical equipment. ...

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