Reliability of FR4 fiberglass epoxy glass fiber sheet used in electrical appliances

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FR4 fiberglass epoxy glass fiber laminate sheet also uses epoxy glue. But it does not use phenolic resin as curing agent. It is cured at low temperature. The temperature resistance is above 180 degrees as usual. The machining is exceptionally strong with no cracking, stratification. The electrical function is abnormally strong. FR4 fiberglass epoxy glass fiber sheet is suitable for electronic circuit board and copper clad plate. The base material is also coarse cloth, electronic fiber cloth. Its normal density is 1.85 and it is resistant to chemical decay.

Electrical insulation material FR4 fiberglass epoxy glass fiber sheet is also known as epoxy glass cloth laminated sheet, which is very common in insulating materials. It is a plate-like laminated product made of electronic cloth soaked in epoxy resin and other materials under high temperature and high pressure by hot pressing. It has strong mechanical processing performance, dielectric property, high temperature resistance, moisture resistance and other properties.

The reason why the electric appliance chooses FR4 fiberglass epoxy glass fiber sheet as its insulation material is closely related to its performance characteristics. First of all, let's talk about its high temperature resistance. Once the electrical equipment works for a long time, it will get hot. If the high-temperature resistance of the material is not good, the machine will fail and the aging of the material will be accelerated. However, FR4 fiberglass epoxy glass fiber sheet still has high mechanical strength at room temperature of 150℃, which can better protect electrical appliances.

At the same time, FR4 fiberglass epoxy glass fiber sheet also has excellent dielectric property. Because charged things are easy to generate magnetic field which will result in the formation of current, good dielectric property of materials is very necessary. Relative dielectric constant of FR-4 fiberglass epoxy glass fiber sheet is ≤5.5; It will not be broken down even under high pressure.

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