Diamond dot transformer insulation paper 12inch

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Diamond dot transformer insulation paper 12inch is an insulating material with special modified epoxy resin in the form of rhombus on electrical insulating paper.

Diamond dot transformer insulation paper 12inch is widely used in the insulation between layers and between turns of oil-immersed power transformers. When used, the coating layer starts to melt at a certain temperature during the coil drying process, resulting in adhesion. As the temperature rises, it starts to solidify again, so that the adjacent layers of the winding are reliably bonded into a fixed unit. The bonding strength of the epoxy resin is sufficient to prevent the displacement of each layer of the winding during short circuit, thus ensuring the long electrical and mechanical properties of the insulation structure.

Diamond dot transformer insulation paper 12inch is a soft composite material consisting of an intermediate layer of polyester film and Nomex paper on both sides. The heat resistance grade is F (155℃). The outer two layers are diamond dot paper and the inner layer is polyester film. Diamond dot paper has NOMEX's excellent high temperature resistance, elongation tear strength and polyester film's excellent dielectric strength and mechanical properties. It is suitable for slot insulation, turn insulation and liner insulation of F grade motor. The tube core diameter of diamond dot paper is 3 inches, which can be supplied in rolls, or cut into tape or slices. Each roll of diamond dot paper is about 60 ~ 70KG. The length can be determined according to customer requirements, and the width can be from 3.5MM to 914MM.

Because the resin coating of diamond dot paper is in the shape of dots, it ensures the oil immersion and the gas discharge in the insulating material, and effectively avoids corona and local discharge, thus ensuring the safety and reliability of the insulating structure. It can also be used as insulation layer for cable shield and corona proof material for high voltage motor and electric appliance.

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