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Glass reinforced epoxy pipes product description

1. The diameter of glass reinforced epoxy pipes is the inside diameter, which is according to our company's standard, while the outside diameter and length are according to the customer's requirements. We can also produce products according to customers' requirements.

2. The glass fiber reinforced winding structure and optimized mechanical auxiliary layer design of epoxy glass fiber winding pipe make the products have high bending strength and excellent mechanical properties, and are suitable for heavy earthquake areas.

3. Epoxy glass fiber winding pipe is added with high temperature resistant resin, which can be used for the production of hollow bushing in the arc extinguishing chamber of SF6 HV circuit breaker.

4. The inside of epoxy glass fiber winding tube is resistant to the corrosion of SF6 gas decomposition products and compounds.

5. Excellent insulation performance, local discharge less than 5pC.

6. SF6 high voltage switch and mutual inductor composite hollow bushing winding pipe.

7. Winding pipe for transformer tap switch.

8. According to the user design, we can provide various specifications of the winding pipe.

9. The winding pipe provided by the company takes the inner diameter as the standard, and the outer diameter and length can be made according to the specific needs of users.

Technical parameters of glass reinforced epoxy pipes

Application: widely used in oil-immersed transformer, H-class dry transformer, railway locomotive transformer, on-load tap switch, reactor; Main insulator for high voltage products such as lightning arrester, SF6 transformer, test device, etc.

Product features: 1. high voltage resistance 2. low dielectric loss 3. small area output 4. high mechanical strength 5. no deformation, no stratification 6. minimal water absorption 7. chemical corrosion resistance (resistant to SF6)

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