Where can I get free epoxy fiberglass laminates in 2023?

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This year is 2023. Compared with last year, our entire international trade system has not changed much. The good news is that China has been liberated from the epidemic isolation, and everyone can visit each other conveniently. The various manufacturers in China Start to be active, participate in various exhibitions, hold various events.

ZTelec Group provides free epoxy fiberglass laminates

Recently, ZTelec Group has an activity to provide epoxy glass fiber laminates for free. As long as you have needs for epoxy laminates, we are happy to give you support and services. The heat-resistant grade of our free laminates can reach up to Class H, and there are many varieties of insulating resins filled with laminates to choose from, such as: epoxy resin, phenolic resin, silicone resin, bismalay resin, diphenyl ether resin, etc.; The substrate of our board can also be selected: such as electronic grade glass cloth, ordinary glass cloth, alkali-free glass cloth, insulating paper, mesh cotton cloth of different types, etc.

How can I get these free epoxy fiberglass laminates?

You only need to enter the website of ZTelec Group, leave a message under the product page you need, or send an email directly to the email address, inform you of the product you need and related parameters, and you can get related free products .

Is the shipping fee waived too?

Sorry, you need to pay for the shipping fee yourself. We will work with you to find a suitable logistics company until the product arrives in your hands smoothly.

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