The ZTelec Group welcomes the Mid-Autumn Festival in 2022

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The autumn wind has brought the long-awaited coolness. After experiencing the scorching heat of summer, the Mid-Autumn Festival will be held in September 2022.

The Mid-Autumn Festival is a traditional festival in China. On that day, everyone admires the moon and eats moon cakes.

ZTelec Group sent holiday greetings and blessings to all employees in advance, and distributed moon cakes, fruits and other benefits to employees.

At the same time, we wish people all over the world a happy life, health and happiness.

The ZTelec Group welcomes the Mid-Autumn Festival in 2022

ZTelec Group  was established in 1958. After 60 years of continuous efforts and progress, we have three major product projects: insulating materials, transformers and solar panels. In the context of global economic recession, we hope everyone can cooperate for win-win and common development.

Finally, one more word: Happy Mid-Autumn Festival.

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