Phenolic Cotton Board

Bakelite phenolic hylam cotton laminate sheet board is made of cotton cloth impregnated with phenolic resin with higher mechanical strength, dielectric property and excellent processability.

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Description of Phenolic Cotton Board

Phenolic cotton cloth laminate sheet, cotton cloth impregnated with phenolic resin, and laminating them under heat and pressure in round-shape mould, also know as thermoset. Offer high electrical and mechanical performance, including good electrical insulating properties, high moisture resistance, good dimentional stability, much better machinability than other phenolics.
Phenolic Cotton Board
Characteristics of Phenolic Cotton Board

1) High electrical and mechanical performance.

2) Easy for fabrication, good dimentional stability, physical strength, resiliency.

3) Better machinability than other products.

Parameter of Phenolic Cotton Board

      Standard GB/T 1303-2009/ IEC60893-2003  
Basic Information Chinese Name 3025 3025A 3026 3027 3021
Basic Material Cloth Paper
Resin Phenolic Phenolic
Color Brown Red Brown
No. Test Item Unit Value Value
1 Density g/m³ 1.3~1.4 1.25~1.4
2 Vertical Layer Bending Strength(normal) Mpa ≥100 ≥90 ≥110 ≥125 ≥120
3 Parallel Layer Impact Strength
(simply supported beam method)
KJ/m² ≥7.8  
4 Vertical Layer Electrical Strength (90℃ transformer oil)(1mm thickness) Kv/mm ≥5.1 ≥5.1 ≥5.1 ≥5.1 ≥15.8
5 Parallel Layer Breakdown Voltage (90℃ transformer oil) kv ≥20 ≥35
6 Dielectric Constant (50Hz) - ≤5.5(1MHZ) ≤5.5(1MHZ)
7 Insulation Resistance after Immersion Ω ≥5*107 ≥5*107
8 Proof Tracking Index(PTI) - ≥100 ≥100
9 Temperature Index - 120 120
10 Water Absorption (1-20mm thickness) mg 206~406 136~277 180~970
Note: Range values are measured for different thicknesses  

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