Bismaleimide Laminated Glass Cloth Board

Bismaleimide laminated glass cloth board is made of electrical non-alkali glass cloth impregnated with modified bismaleimide resin by baking hot pressing. It is suitable for insulation structure of high temperature resistant motor, such as slot wedge.

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Characteristic of Bismaleimide Laminated Glass Cloth Board

Bismaleimide laminated glass fiber sheet board has the temperature grade of class H. It has higher mechanical strength, heat resistance, dielectric properties, permeability, radiation resistance and flame resistance, which can be used for H-class motor and electrical appliance as components of insulation parts.
Bismaleimide Laminated Glass Cloth Board
Parameter of Bismaleimide Laminated Glass Cloth Board

      Standard GB/T 1303-2009/ IEC60893-2004
Basic Information Chinese Name -
  NEMA -
  Basic Material Glass fiber cloth
  Resin Bismaleimide
  Color Brownish red
No. Test Item Unit Value
1 Density g/m³ 1.8~1.95
2 Vertical Layer Bending Strength(normal) Mpa ≥350
3 Parallel Layer Impact Strength
(simply supported beam method)
KJ/m² ≥60
4 Vertical Layer Electrical Strength (90℃ transformer oil)(1mm thickness) Kv/mm ≥14.0
5 Parallel Layer Breakdown Voltage (90℃ transformer oil) kv ≥35
6 Dielectric Constant (50Hz) - ≤5.5
7 Dielectric Loss Factor(50Hz)   ≤0.05
8 Insulation Resistance after Immersion Ω ≥1.0*10^8
9 Proof Tracking Index(PTI) - ≥280
10 Combustibility - HB40
11 Temperature Index - 180
12 Water Absorption (1-20mm thickness) mg 64~193
Note: Range value are measured for different thicknesses

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