Which manufacturer is more professional for FR-4(EPGC-202)processing?

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The processing of FR-4(EPGC-202) epoxy fiberglass laminate sheet material looks easy, but in fact the processing requirements are extremely high.

First of all, there are requirements for the material of FR-4(EPGC-202). At present, there are many kinds of FR-4(EPGC-202) epoxy fiberglass laminate sheet on the market. The unit price is more than 20RMB per kilogram, but every kilogram makes a big difference in material. The main performance of FR-4 is flame retardant and excellent resistivity. The more impurities are added, the worse the performance will be. The material of FR-4(EPGC-202) epoxy fiberglass laminate sheet is pure glass fiber, so the color of the sheet looks more transparent.

Secondly, the processing requirements of FR-4(EPGC-202) sheet. If the size of FR-4 epoxy laminate is 60*80 and the thickness is 1.5mm. A small hole with a diameter of 5mm is drilled around the product and then a groove is made, the depth of the groove is 1mm. Because the total thickness of the FR-4(EPGC-202) sheet is only 1.5mm, the remaining part is only 0.5mm. This is a test of the processing experience and ability of FR-4(EPGC-202) manufacturing company and its employees. If you are not careful, it may be broken, so this is the difficulty of a seemingly simple product.

Because the FR-4 material is relatively hard, poor processing is easy to layer, the cutting requires stability, accuracy, but also to ensure dimensional tolerance. From the small detail, we can see the processing strength and processing attitude of FR-4(EPGC-202) supplier.

If you have the need for FR-4(EPGC-202) fiberglass sheet processing products, we can give each other a chance to cooperate. We can design, produce and process according to customers' pictures, drawings and samples. Find the best solution for your various applications! I believe we will become good friends, let's work together to create a better future.

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