The secret of high temperature resistance of G11 epoxy sheet

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If you are familiar with insulation materials, you will know that the highest temperature resistance in the epoxy sheet is G11 epoxy fiberglass sheet. Its excellent comprehensive performance makes it used for more high-end electronics, electrical appliances, aerospace and so on. Why does it have high temperature resistance? What advantages does it have compared with 3240, FR-4 epoxy plates? I have collected the relevant information. If you are interested, let's have a look.

First of all, what is G11 epoxy sheet?

G11 epoxy sheet is made of imported electronic grade alkali free glass fiber cloth soaked with imported epoxy resin, and add the corresponding imported flame retardant, adhesive and other additives; G11 fiberglass sheet is hard plate insulating material processed by hot pressing.

Now why can G11 epoxy sheet withstand high temperatures? It is inseparable from the materials it is made of.

1.Alkali free glass fiber cloth; It can be used for the processing of mica products, which shows how high its high temperature resistance is. It can not only have high temperature resistance of 550-1000 degrees, instantaneous high temperature characteristics. It also has good machinability at low temperature of -70 degrees.

2.Epoxy resin; The original epoxy resin is made of bisphenol A, epoxy functional group, the chemical properties are relatively active. The general thermal deformation temperature is about 50 degrees, it has very high heat resistance temperature after the addition of special composite epoxy resin. It is generally 80-250 degrees due to different types.

G11 high temperature resistance is so good, what is it specifically used for?

It can be used as insulating structural parts of motor and electrical equipment, including various types of switch FPC reinforcing, electrical insulation carbon film printed circuit board, computer drilling pad mold fixture, etc. (PCB test rack) and can be used in wet environment conditions and transformer oil.

What are the advantages of G11 epoxy sheet over the 3240 and FR-4?

3240, FR-4, G11 epoxy sheets, just like the increasing relationship in mathematics, each is better than the other. Among them, 3240 epoxy sheet is the most basic. Because it is halogenated, it is not environmentally friendly, and its performance is not as outstanding as FR-4. However, its price is relatively cheap, it is profitable for some low-end electronic and electrical equipment, and still has its value in the market. FR-4 sheet is better than 3240 epoxy sheet, its most prominent feature is halogen-free, environmentally friendly, and its raw materials are imported, the performance is superior. Of course, it is used in electrical equipment with higher requirements, such as: refrigerators, electric switches, etc. The G11 is better than FR-4, its comprehensive performance is better, which can be used in currently most popular Samsung, Apple, aerospace field.

Through above description, I think you have a good understanding of the high temperature resistance of G11 epoxy sheet. If you have any other questions, welcome to leave us a message or send us an email.

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