The role of insulating crepe paper in oil-immersed transformer

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There are various types of insulation paper for transformer winding. In the oil-immersed transformer, of course, it is necessary to use the insulating electrical crepe paper, but we must ensure that the quality of the insulating crepe paper is good. Find a specialized manufacturer to buy suitable insulation paper. The manufacturer with advanced technology and equipment and professional production personnel can produce good insulation paper, which is recognized by experts and trusted by users.

What are the characteristics of insulating crepe paper or paper tube used in oil-filled transformers?

1. Inherent dielectric strength

The produced insulated crepe paper tube has a lower dielectric constant, so that the electric field distribution between the insulation and the cooling medium is more uniform.

2. Thermal stability

The electrical crepe paper has UL material temperature rating of 220 degrees, meaning that it can maintain effective performance for more than 10 years even when continuously placed at 220 degrees.

3. Mechanical toughness

The product strength of crepe paper tube is very high, and the elastic tear resistance and wear resistance are good, thinner products are flexible.

4. Chemical compatibility

Insulated crepe paper tube is resistant to most solvents and is highly acid and alkali resistant. It is compatible with all varnishes, adhesives, transformer fluids, lubricants and freezers. It is also not damaged by insects, fungi and molds.

5. Electrical crepe paper is not sensitive to humidity.

6. Radiation resistance

The crepe paper for transformer is essentially unaffected even at the intensity of the ionizing radiation up to 800 MRAD and retains its mechanical and electrical properties after eight doses of this radiation.

7. Non-toxic, fire resistance

This insulation paper or paper tube does not melt in the air and does not support combustion.

Insulation crepe paper can be used for the main insulation board; Interlayer insulation with foil or plate conductors; Lead insulation of low or high voltage leads, and uninsulated or underinsulated insulation from the burner to the bushing or other terminals;

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