Electrical insulation sheet material thin insulation GPO-3 board

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Features of electrical insulation sheet material thin insulation GPO-3 board

1. Flame retardant: because GPO-3 sheet material is made of halogen-free materials, it has good flame retardant properties when fire occurs, and will not produce toxic gases.

2. Good mechanical properties: because the main material of GPO-3 thin insulation sheet is high-strength glass fiber, it is not easy to break and easy to bend to a diameter of 19mm.

3. Simple production and easy molding: GPO-3 insulation sheet material processing is easy to process and can be pressed, drilled, machined, sheared and ground.

4. High temperature resistance: because of the special properties of the material, GPO-3 sheet has UL temperature rating in the 120-210℃ electronic and 130-210℃ mechanical range. It has strong stability.

5. Good insulation performance: it has high quality insulation materials, and is widely used in the electrical industry.

In recent years, the development of insulating materials can be said to be a rapid progress.

At present, the sales volume of GPO-3 insulation sheet material is particularly outstanding in the market. ZTelec Group has 62 years rich experience in processing GPO-3 sheet. We are an application expert in insulation material industry.

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