The dry type transformer trend in china

The basic information about dry type transformer

With the continuous development and innovation of dry-type transformers in China and a large number of popularization and application, domestic design and manufacturing technology has reached the world's advanced level that dry-type transformers will have further development in the future.

The main feature of dry type transformer trend

1. Energy saving and low noise

China has a high level in the research of loss and noise and the manufacture of energy-saving and environmental protection transformers. However, energy conservation and environmental protection are eternal issues for transformers. Low loss silicon steel sheet, foil winding structure. The in-depth study of noise, environmental protection requirements, computer optimization design and other new materials, new processes, and the introduction of new technologies will make future dry-type transformers more energy-efficient.

2.High reliability

Tens of thousands of dry-type transformers have been produced in China. They are used in various fields, major projects, and the reliability of the product is very important. A lot of basic research in electromagnetic field theory and its calculation, quality assurance system, reliability engineering and so on , and actively conducting certification to further improve the reliability of dry-type transformers will be the unremitting pursuit of people.

3 large capacity

The distribution transformer capacity is usually below 2500KVA. At present, research and production of dry-type transformers are mainly based on this. With the continuous increase of urban power load, the regional substations in urban networks are getting deeper and deeper.

Load centers such as urban centers, large and medium-sized factories and mines can also need larger capacity dry-type transformers if required by the project.

5. Multifunctional combination and intelligence

From pure transformer function to multi-functional combination transformer with forced air cooling, protective shell, power metering, computer interface and so on. So that it has functions of data processing, status control, status display and so on. With the continuous development of information technology, the transformer will also complete the intelligent process.

6. Multi-field development

From the main distribution transformers, such as power plant excitation, plant use, rail transit traction rectification, nuclear power plants and other fields.

7. Multiple materials and varieties

Epoxy resin vacuum casting dry-type transformers occupy the world's leading market. There are many companies with new materials and new technologies such as H-class insulation and amorphous alloys. They have done some product development, obtained a lot of data and experience, and will be in many fields Do more in-depth research and development. In the future, the new development of materials science and manufacturing technology will definitely provide new opportunities for the development of transformer design and manufacturing technology and open up a new era.

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