FR4 fiberglass sheet used in processing parts

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FR4 fiberglass sheet processing methods are: drilling, computer gong, cutting, milling machine/lathe, and engraving machine. Different requirements can be selected for different processing methods.

FR4 epoxy resin laminate sheet produced and processed by ZTelec Group has small product tolerance and high precision; The edge is smooth without burr, it has good insulation performance, and beautiful appearance. ZTelec Group has a number of processing machinery, aimed at creating high-quality products for the customers. If you need to process FR4 fiberglass epoxy plate, you just need to provide drawings, we can provide you with high-quality product processing services and perfect after-sales service.

 FR4 fiberglass sheet used in processing parts

The processing parts of FR4 epoxy resin laminate sheet produced by ZTelec Group has the following characteristics:

1. High temperature resistance: The high temperature resistance of FR4 is up to 130 degrees. The high temperature resistance greatly avoids the bad phenomena such as cracks, color fading, lamination and bending of plates caused by high temperature.

2. Outstanding insulation performance: This feature is very important for insulating materials. The breakdown voltage of the epoxy plate is up to 40kV, and even the rising voltage has no effect on its breakdown voltage value. It can be used safely.

3. High mechanical strength: It will not be affected by external forces and cause adverse phenomena. It is adequate for the mechanical and electrical industries.

4. Good toughness: It not only satisfies the design of people's personality, but also has good toughness. It will not easily appear fracture, indentation and other circumstances.

The above features are the secret of the FR4's longevity. Although it has very good performance characteristics, if you can not find a suitable manufacturer, I think the good performance of the sheet is a big discount. Here I would like to recommend ZTelec Group, a professional manufacturer of FR4 machining parts, which has been committed to the development and processing of FR4 epoxy boards for ten years. If you have not found a suitable manufacturer, you might as well go to ZTelec Group to have a look.

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